Choo Choo Charles

Choo Choo Charles

I’m the ONLY CEO ►►

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34 Responses

  1. Exotic Butthurt says:

    This game is a prime example as to what gaming is made for. Unbound imagination, creativity, ridiculousness, and above all else, fun. Great game.

  2. Lynnboarts Dye says:


    Mark trying to seduce the train like this is brilliant and needs to be animated

  3. florence says:

    Mark: You shouldn’t superchat to me, give them to smaller creators who need it
    Also Mark: How DARE you watch anyone other than me?! I’m the only gamer! Official gamer of the year!

    • Unpopular Goose says:

      @Layla Ingramissss this a joke response? I genuinely cannot tell

    • Layla Ingram says:

      You do realize that he was joking about the ‘how dare you not know me’ thing right? If you actually pay attention to the video it’s him legitimately saying that he doesn’t need them to notice him or even know him in the first place, because YouTube is so much different that the regular classic entertainment business, he can make it without them praising him as a huge star.

    • Spunktaneous CumBustion says:

      “Tbf you don’t have to watch to give money to those peasants”- Mr Gamer of the Year, probably

  4. Foxypirate101 says:

    Out of all the playthroughs of choo choo Charles I’ve watched Mark seems to be the only one actually successfully being stealthy lmao

  5. CaptainKEP says:

    For a game that was built by one guy, he did a damn good job on it! I’m sure he’s happy it’s become as popular as it has, especially considering how hard he worked on it

  6. Armp1tTheNormalGuy says:

    Too loud, too quiet, Eugene, pickles, missing guns, missing paints, bob guns, Walter White, so much to talk about from this stream and I loved it. Thank you Gamer of the year, our pickle hero.

  7. Rubén Oliva says:

    best thing about Markiplier is that he could have done the whole two hours of stream with the tiny screen for the game and still get millions of views. What a chad gamer of the year.

    • Message me on telegram @Markiplier02 says:

      Congratulation you have been selected among our three lucky winners text me on now 🎁☝……………

  8. Corbin The Gamer says:

    Mark is like our new step dad who’s trying to give all of us a good experience. Thanks step dad

  9. GamePapa says:

    Mark missing the gun in the shed and the chat tearing itself apart yelling at him about it is the reason why I keep coming back to this channel. Truly a wonderful art of trolling!

  10. hoshi15 says:

    Mark arguing with his fans about the smallest thing is always so funny. The fans really reflect the creator, everyone just being silly together

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