Cincinatti Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 AFC Championship Game Highlights

Cincinatti Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 AFC Championship Game Highlights

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40 Responses

  1. SteveGamesFTW says:

    What a great rivalry between these two teams. They’re so evenly matched, both of their AFC Championship battles had to be decided by a field goal.

    • Ben Gordon says:

      @chadf86 so rigged like how can you beat the ref’s 3 tries on 3rd down for Mahomes until a PI call just insanity right in our faces NFL is like lets see how far we can go HAHAHAHAHHA LOOK how healthy the bengals were man that sucked KC hobbling around most the guys could barely walk

    • plainjane zuko says:

      Look at all these hating non chiefs fans tryna be politically correct this football morons.

    • Dominic Harris says:

      theyre so evenly what? yall really b saying anything

    • Gig Galaxy says:

      @CodeBloke but they played like crap and almost won this game. Ravens always find a way to lose.

    • marty mcnasty says:

      @Lil Dutch so should we not count what they’ve done because he’s on a rookie contract, do you hold KC to the same standard and say their Superbowl doesn’t count cause mahomes was on his rookie contract? I doubt it

  2. Payton Ducote says:

    As a bengals fan, all I can say is good game. It’s a great rivalry and I hope they are able to meet again next year!

    • M K says:

      You are the second decent bengals fan I’ve seen comment. Not too many of you guys

    • Michael McElroy says:

      You got Robbed…Call the Football police….

    • DeleteGTA TrashGrinders says:

      @Raw Broccoli going to get trounced by the eagles. Hold that L 😂

    • BigT 187 says:

      Respectfully, y’all are my new “patriots” I pray on your downfall every week regardless of who you play.

    • MYJUMPSHOT OP says:

      @Raw Broccolinigga it still is burrowhead🤡 u guys finally beat Bengals wanna 🍪? Yal won because of the refs and talking like yal not finna get blown out by 50 in the superbowl half of yal starters Is done for this definitely finna be one of the less interesting Superbowl’s ever😂 this coming from a Miami fan BURROW STILL OWN MAHOMES AND THE WHOLE KC

  3. Kagame L. says:

    I feel for Ossai – he’s never gonna forget that play. Sure, there were other factors that led to the chiefs winning, but that last penalty is just 😳

  4. GreenEYESfromOHIO says:

    As a die hard Bengals fan, this was a tough loss to swallow….hats off to the Chiefs, good game. I look forward to the many battles ahead.

    • Noah Reynolds says:

      @Josh Graves bro they did flag that punt return against the chiefs 🤡

    • Tyler Rusnak says:

      Chiefs cheated

    • M K says:

      You are the first respectable Bengals fan I’ve ever seen comment. The rest of them are horrible, blaming anything else but the fact that the chiefs simply outplayed them.

    • Slugga k1 says:

      @The Faceless Story Maker simple as that and thats some bs if the score was kc 23 and bengals 13 ok yeah they lost but to back to back gain that spot for the sb57 yeah they threw salt in the game

    • Cj Boyer says:

      @DeleteGTA TrashGrinders I’m not gonna run my mouth like the Bengals fans did. I’m fully well aware the Eagles are the better overall team and can beat us.

  5. Glen Bard says:

    The ending reminded me of the 2016 playoffs when the Bengals lost to the Steelers because of a personal foul at the end of the game.

  6. Harshest Truth says:

    3 points again, this is insane how close these 2 teams are to each other.

    • akbirder99 says:

      @recoil816 won one after looking like crap, lost to Tampa Bay by 22, blew it to the Bengals last year, and now they’ll lose again

    • recoil816 says:

      @akbirder99 They literally won the Superbowl 3 years ago, and got back the next season. Now they’re going back again. So how the Hell does that NOT equate to them capitalizing “in the biggest games”?

    • akbirder99 says:

      @Real Quan I literally said nothing bad about mvs though, I know the guy is a beast, however you said they have no receivers earlier. Typical chiefs fan, jumping back and forth to suit yourself

    • akbirder99 says:

      @Real Quan I said this already to folks, not all rookies suck. Your rookies are quite good, so shut up with the whole excuse of how we lost to rookies. Do you know how much I’d rather have one of your rookies than Eli apple?

    • Vulcan Raven says:

      @Bro Go No. The injury was staged and the game scripted. Its what DraftKings, Vegas and ESPN wanted. They make much more money scripting games like pro wrestling & NBA do.

  7. Faqtur says:

    mvs stepped huge in this game. his team was hurt all the other wrs so he stepped up for an 100 yrd game. He looked like a true #1 receiver in this game.

  8. Mr. & Mrs. says:

    Man ,Pacheco really came through last night,even when he wasn’t with the ball he was picking up big time blocks,give him big old contract.

    • N G says:

      @President Resident I’m an EXTREME football layman but man every chiefs game I see this lil rocket of a man going and I’m like damn

    • President Resident says:

      Agreed. 4.3 speed in the open, runs like baby beast mode and appears to be durable. He’s criminally ignored by the talking heads imo.

  9. Srihari A says:

    I am so grateful to the NFL youtube channel to not put any scores in the title or the thumbnail. I miss a lot these matches due to the timezone difference puts them super early in the morning. That match was damn close to. Insane penalty too.

  10. willkenshin says:

    Great game from both teams. I said this last year when the Bengals lost to the Rams that they need a good O-line and it seems this year, it’s still the same thing. If Bengals can keep Higgins, Hearsh and possibly Boyd and fix their Line and get another CB, they’ll be Superbowl bound again and quite possibly win this time. As for the Chiefs…what more can you say really that hasn’t been said already

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