Coach Pierce’s Locker Room Victory Speech vs. Giants | Raiders | NFL

Coach Pierce’s Locker Room Victory Speech vs. Giants | Raiders | NFL

Go inside the locker room for Interim Head Coach Antonio Pierce’s postgame victory speech following the Raiders’ 30-6 win over the New York Giants in Week 9.

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41 Responses

  1. Vtwin60 says:

    Thank you Mark Davis for doing the right thing

  2. NFL Matchup Highlights says:

    I speak for Raider Nation when I say it’s good to see the players happy in what seems like forever

  3. Gabriel says:

    Damn y’all made me so proud to be a Raiders fan today

  4. Kenny Sultz says:

    Props to Mark Davis for making the call to get rid of the wolves. Props to AP for getting by in from the players. Props to the players for staying together. Props to the fans for not accepting the garbage that was trying to be sold to us. Congrats on this complete victory.

  5. Gabriel says:

    You can hear the difference. No more, “You did great! That wasn’t perfect! But you did great!” No more bashing the team even when congratulating them. Coach Pierce has the team feeling proud of themselves, and that’s what we need. Everyone looked happy and excited and looked like they were having fun. It’s awesome to see that!

  6. RaiderDangerfield says:

    Coach is a true Raider. He lead the Rrrraaaaiiiiddddeeeerrrrssss Chant. He understands them and can relate. Bug difference already.

  7. Thor Pulls says:

    Man that RAAAIIIIIIIDERS chant never gets old. Thank you coach for keeping tradition alive and bringing back the RAIDER WAY!!!!!!!! These guys look HAPPY!!

  8. LGL Studios says:

    THANK YOU MARK DAVIS!!! The Raiders mean SO MUCH to SO MANY people, in a way I cannot describe. It’s a part of their life in a similar way as a beloved family member, someone you care DEEPLY about and really can’t grasp life without them being in it. When they aren’t doing well it affects you, puts a burden on your shoulders and adds even more to the pressures life is already bringing to most of us out here. During T his last regime it honestly felt like our beloved family member was dying of cancer at the hands of bad and illegitimate doctors and there was nothing we could do but watch the deterioration of our loved one and experience true hopelessness. YOU HAVE RESTORED LIFE AND VITALITY to us out here!! Moving on from the people who were holding this organization back, pissing on its legacy, you’re allowing the TRUE RAIDER PRESENCE to be felt once again – It is an indescribable victory in the hearts of Raider Nation. AP UNDERSTANDS what it MEANS to be a RAIDER – He’s the PERFECT CHOICE! Being a Raider isn’t being part of the team or the organization, it’s having common VALUES with what this organization represents. The lady at the Grocery store is a RAIDER, the guy pumping gas is a RAIDER, the kid wide eyed in awe of his favorite player is a RAIDER – Being a Raider is being part of a family and I feel like I have my FAMILY BACK. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for this – You’re a good man.

  9. Achilles says:

    A Giants legend. He was one of the best leaders we’ve had in the 17 years or so. As a Giants fan, I’m glad to see him coaching in the NFL, even on an interim basis. He has everything to succeed as a coach at this level. He has also earned his coaching stripes as a linebacker coach.

  10. Victor Hernandez says:

    Passion in the locker room. RRRRAAAAIIIDDDDEEERRRSSS!

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