Kevin O’Connell’s Locker Room Speech Following Victory vs. Atlanta Falcons

Kevin O’Connell’s Locker Room Speech Following Victory vs. Atlanta Falcons

Watch Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Kevin O’Connell’s locker room speech to the team following the 31-28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Week 9 of the 2023 NFL regular season.

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39 Responses

  1. Jimmy Darts says:

    Amazing! You gotta love it!

  2. Cadolots says:

    You can tell they appreciate Josh Dobb stepping up and help the Vikings win this game!

  3. CHILLL BRO says:

    That shot of him walking in was so amazing to witness. So proud of Dobbs!

  4. J SaSa says:

    No Kirk, no Hall, no Darrisaw, no JJ, KJ out, Akers out, Hockenson dinged up, and a newly signed QB and this team puts 31 points away against a nasty defensive team. They all played their hearts out. This team has grit. Proud of this team.

    • Arici says:

      bro i didnt even realize the Falcons were that good of a defense until they showed their stats lol. I thought it was going to be an easy win

  5. Eric Yoon says:

    This is, truly, a season changing win – given everything that has happened so far, we should feel blessed to root for a team that has as much grit and fire as this locker room has. Vikings fans have been on a wild ride since last season and there’s only more to come

    • Lominoth Productions says:

      Honestly looking at our next line of games the only teams I think that could give us a tough time are the Bengals and the lions. As long as we focus and play good ball we have a chance

    • Linda Leseman says:

      That’s why after 50plus years of being a fan, I have come to cherish these moments like a string of miniature SB wins, I think if we ever do win the SB the celebration will not hold as much meaning as a lot of the games/ come from behind wins I’ve watched since 2017 season

    • MrEverStrucked says:

      ​@Lominoth ProductionsWe beat the Lions at least 1/2 times I hope, and the Bengals will be tough but if we lose we’ll still put up a fight.

    • MrEverStrucked says:

      ​@Linda LesemanYou watched 50 years from the 2017 season 6 years ago, okay lol

    • Terry Peterson says:

      ​@MrEverStruckedThat’s not what she said lol. Read.

  6. SNES drunk says:

    One of the most memorable wins in my 41 years of being a Vikings fan

  7. Drew says:

    That was so beautiful the Vikings lifting Josh Dobb’s in the locker room on their shoulders. What was an unbelievable game and a great victory.

  8. EmmaLiz0203 says:

    always look forward to the locker room speeches! absolutely amazing team win

  9. toxsyns says:

    Excited to see Josh dobbs play next week he’s played decent on the Cardinals but now with a team like the Vikings he’s got so many weapons

  10. Tim Johnson says:

    A safety, a lost fumble and an interception followed up by a gritty come from behind last second win. I’d call that a memorable start to a career in purple and gold.

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