Cody Ko Sabotages Dates | The Button | Cut

Cody Ko Sabotages Dates | The Button | Cut

This was a cringeyyyyy.

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Cody Ko Sabotages Dates | The Button | Cut

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54 Responses

  1. yannycandie says:

    i love Cody Ko being the button, he’s so unhinged


    Come on Cody get em this time!!

  3. bella tocci says:

    please keep cody as the permanent new button

  4. Lee says:

    I don’t know why people don’t think the original button guy is not unhinged, it’s the main thing Cody have been calling him when he’s asked a bunch of sexual questions

  5. Teddy Tardigrade says:


  6. Bobbs says:

    I feel so bad for the first guy, people were really ripping into him (not necessarily on purpose) for just not being confident.

  7. Tarik says:

    Why would she reject him for being nervous? Isn‘t that kind of a compliment that she makes him nervous?

    • Twizzy says:

      She was just looking for a reason to say she’s not attracted to him. Its an easier let down then “I dont find you attractive”

    • Dorian-David Smith says:

      She’s attractive to confidence. Though being nervous doesn’t mean someone isn’t confident, it doesn’t give a good first impression

    • Fernando Ferro Braga says:

      @TwizzyYeah, she didn’t answer when Cody asked if they were attracted to one another

    • Kizzabell says:

      ​@Fernando Ferro Bragaim surprised Cody didn’t push her to answer

    • The Karen says:

      @TwizzyI don’t understand why people are offended by this subjective statement. “I don’t find you attractive” or “I’m not attracted to you” is very different from saying “You’re ugly.”

      I mean of course it’s disappointing if you do find the other person is attractive, but it’s not the insult some people think it is.

  8. Kaden Trig says:

    I HOPE BEYOND HOPE Cody hosts a blindfold edition.

  9. Two Hoots In Love Inc says:

    Cody Ko should always do the button, no offense to whoever would do it before. Maybe if we saw the behind the scenes of whoever normally voices the button it would be even more entertaining

  10. Brendol Breadwar says:

    No matter what happens, please keep the button operator cam, hearing the feedback from the crew and comments from the button is very entertaining. Its the thing that makes codys reactions good in the first place, you can relate to how he is feeling in the moment. Plus it would be really cool to have a bunch of different celeb hosts. Would absolutely LOVE to see Theo Von make two people sniff eachother.

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