Connor Bedard scores his 1st NHL goal!!

Connor Bedard scores his 1st NHL goal!!

In just his 2nd NHL game, the #1 pick Connor Bedard records his first NHL goal, putting the Blackhawks up 1-0 early over the Bruins

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39 Responses

  1. Nedved says:

    Can only imagine how AMAZING he must have felt skating back to the bench. This kid is going to have an outstanding career.

  2. K G says:

    What blows me away is just how comfortable he looks. He’s not trying too hard to be the flashy phenom, he’s not choking under pressure. He looks like he’s been playing at this level for some time. Really excited to see how he’ll perform once he’s actually used to the league.

  3. Michael Vitta says:

    Even the bruins fans were cheering for the kid , good stuff.

  4. Nicholas B. Johnston says:

    As a Blues fan I’m frightened. This kid is gonna be special.

  5. Thomas says:

    Its pretty cool how in 20 years I can say I saw Connor Bedard’s first career goal live

  6. Max Otterstein says:

    Crazy that he has more NHL wraparound goals than Ovi

  7. Duck Facts says:

    insane how fast this kid is learning. Banks his first goal not off a flashy breakaway, but purely from an amazing situational read and repositioning. Think it was like a week ago he was saying he thought his biggest fault was he was trying to do too much and needed to simplify

    • Edward_1st says:

      That’s the scary part

      I thought he earlier success would come from his insane shot

      But so far both of his points came from vision, awareness, good positioning

      Imagine when the flashy stuff start to kick in

    • R T says:

      @Edward_1stagreed. It’s definitely gonna happen once he’s up to speed on legit NHL talent and not the pre season stuff. Kids gonna be a stud. Let’s hope he can break some Hawks records!

  8. Dogs'n'hockey Minnesota says:

    The moment everyone has been waiting for

  9. Le Potat says:

    What a great goal. One of the best first goals in recent memory. This kid is special

  10. Nicholas Louie says:

    First of many for Connor Bedard! Wishing this kid the best of luck. Looking pretty damn good in his first two games.

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