Core Of Tropical Storm Hilary Nearing Southern California, Streets Flooding In Los Angeles

Core Of Tropical Storm Hilary Nearing Southern California, Streets Flooding In Los Angeles

Tropical Storm Hilary made landfall over the northern Baja California peninsula in Mexico late Sunday morning, and torrential rain from the once-major hurricane will continue to push into the Southwest. #foxweather #weather #tropics

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44 Responses

  1. Cymbolic Human says:

    I hope Lake Meade and The Colorado River get a lot of water from this storm.

  2. John Paul Lopez says:

    I am from San Diego and there has not been a gust of wind past 10mph. It’s mostly affecting the valleys and mountains. Honestly, it feels like a winter storm. Also, flooding ALWAYS happens when it rains here so it is nothing unexpected even for the valleys and mountains.

  3. Bruce Dixon says:

    He is trying awfully hard to turn it into a “life-threatening, catastrophic storm”.

  4. gobbler says:

    Hope storm gets over and helps fill Lake Mead.

  5. ConnorMations says:

    Flood and Earthquake what a nice time to be alive

  6. GT Godbear says:

    After so much drought that should be a blessing filling up all the lakes, aquifers and the reservoirs.

  7. scstudios8 says:

    If your area floods with this mild rain, it probably floods during any rain as many places do. I am south of LA and its a non event.

    • John M says:

      How the cesspool life overall tho?

    • u4riah u4riah says:

      I’m on the coast in San Clemente, and so far, it’s not a big deal at 4:00 in the afternoon on Sunday.

    • James Black says:

      ​@u4riahsc did that earthquake effect you and was it bad I’m just curious they said rain can cause the fault lines to act up

    • US2A_ARMS says:

      ​@u4riah u4riahsome person said long beach has been raining and flooding since 530 am

    • Brian Tep says:

      @US2A_ARMS I was in Long Beach this morning and thats not true. Sure its “flooded” in some streets and intersections, but not the catastrophe that they were warning about. It is as flooded as any other rainstorm in the past 10 years

  8. Night Dipper says:

    *San Diego is now forecasted to receive a devastating 3/4 inches of rain, TOTAL!!!. I woke up to howling 3 MPH winds and light rain.* Meanline back in Hawaii the toll reached a thousand souls lost.

  9. Richard Graham says:

    Earthquake shook me noticeably here in Santa Barbara. Sister in Westlake Village felt it also. Light rain only here so far.

  10. Robert LaGruth says:

    The sidewalks and streets in California are now getting cleaned my God. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸%

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