Israel Adesanya Reacts to Sean O’Malley’s INSANE Knock Out at UFC 292

Israel Adesanya Reacts to Sean O’Malley’s INSANE Knock Out at UFC 292

Two Time UFC Middleweight Champion Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya reacts to Sean O’Malley’s insane knockout of Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292.

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55 Responses


    Who should be Sean O’Malley’s first title defence?

  2. Leg Break MMA says:

    Been rooting for Sean since he got his shot after DWCS, been a crazy journey for Sean and he shocked the world and became Champ! So proud to watch his career from his Debut to his Title Shot and the fact he won made being his fan so much more amazing! Good work Sean

    • JMULA says:

      Same I been watching all his fights since DWCS, I knew he was gna be the champ and i think he runs 5he division until Umar Nurmagomedov gets a shot then he will run it till he retires

    • whatt says:

      lost to petr yan so yeah he was gifted a win there

    • MitchK574 says:

      @whattwas a close fight, depends how you score it. Don’t blame Sean, blame the scoring system and the judges. It wasn’t a blatant robbery, both fighters had their moments, and if anything it proved Sean belonged with the BW elite after many wrote him off before the fight even happened.

    • Bas says:

      Same here, been 5-6 years. Craaaazy. I for sure thought aljo would smash him. Doubted my fav fighter.

  3. Strait Beats says:

    Shoutout to Izzy. The only YouTuber that predicted O’Malley to win

  4. Steve St. John says:

    I became more of a fan of Aljo in defeat than I would have in victory. His octagon interview was first-class and then his post-fight press conference was as real as it gets. He handled things like a f*ckin G! Keep your head up, Aljo. You’ve been down before and bounced back!! #RESPECT

  5. Boy. says:

    Sean O’Malley what a great knockout! 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Evan Hume says:

    Israel was the only one that picked Sean to win. Every expert made it sound like Sean gets steamrolled. Love Style Bender!!

    • Garrett Brackbill says:

      Dan Hardy picked Sean too. They know what’s up.

    • Gg says:

      I seriously don’t know how all these analysts didn’t at least ponder omalley would win. Sterling beat sandhagen but it was a super quick fight. Sterling needed good entries which is what 90-95% of takedowns depends on in mma. Hard to have good entries when your opponent is longer, with better footwork, and fear in his hands. That long awkward style aljo uses always works because he is typically the bigger longer fighter. As well as knowing the speed and which aljo throws is super slow. It’s almost as if he just lunges in when he throws to set up his entries. I had Sean by ko. Also had Leon beating kamaru. As well as jamahal over glover

    • Sit-ins For sithis says:

      He’s a true Chinese

    • Acantha Fiore says:

      More people need to learn about Mexican Martial Arts. He predicted Sean O’Malley would snipe Sterling.

    • Remy Martin says:

      @sit-insforsithis1568 wow you’re such a comedian

  7. Southside 609 says:

    *O’Malley and Izzy have pinpoint accuracy and timing in their striking. Their styles are very reminiscent of one another.*

    • Friends close-enemies closer says:

      “Styles are very reminiscent of anderson silva”

    • Sine says:

      Before last night someone would call you a casual fan for that statement. Crazy how silent the haters are today. Stoked for Suga boy made me some 🤑

    • Justin Graham says:

      @Sinehe still is a casual for that statement Sean isn’t even in the same stadium as Izzy in the striking department😂

  8. lewchootrain says:

    I was also screaming for the question mark kick from Garry after chopping so much with the calf kicks bc Magny is gonna check low. Garry should’ve ended it somehow

    • Niko BruhhLol says:

      Yeah he tried to finish with his hands instead of capitalizing on how much he hurt Magny’s leg, could of went high which surprised me he didn’t since that’s how he KO’d Drod. Maybe he didn’t expect to have THAT much success with the low kicks THAT early

    • Jordan says:

      He got the job done without taking any damage doing it his way. So crazy how people want to take fighters like they are video game characters and want them to do specific things lol. You ever hear the saying “stick with whats working?” Better to not try something and give magny that takedown opening that can give him any hope in the fight

    • M.C. Swag2016 says:

      Gary didn’t want to end. He wanted to just torture Neil with repeated legs kicks. Dick move tbh

    • Giovanni says:

      @M.C. Swag2016 What? It’s an MMA fight, the point is to try and inflict as much damage as you can to your opponent. MMA is clearly not for you.

    • Tye Collier says:

      No power in his hands

  9. Bronze Tiger says:

    Izzy is a Real one. Dude barely reacted to the knockout, like he was expecting it. Respect.

  10. Kagé says:

    Congrats to Sean and Respect to Aljamain he will definitely go down as one of the best Bantamweight champs💯

    • Coffee¥ou says:


    • kp j says:

      I’ll say this right now, if anyone tries to say he’s not one of the best bantamweights of all time, please do not give them any time of day. They either never liked him or they’re fans of Sean, do not give them the satisfaction of a response

    • Rav K says:

      Am I the only one who wanted Aljo to win!?
      I seriously don’t get the hype for O malley!🤷‍♂️
      He lost to Petr Yan, lost to Chito, was losing to Munez and struggled with Chris Mutenio!
      Hes not witty/funny like Conor!
      He is terrible at interviews/press conferences and just seems…Meh😴

      BUT…hes got Dana White Privilege so the 🐑 follow the brass!

      Also he picks one of the easiest next title defence in the top 5.

      Lastly, he thinks he can fight/win against Gervota Davis in boxing🙄🙈

    • N O S E says:

      @kp j so salty 🤣🤣 , anybody said nothing hahah

    • Petite Goth Boy says:

      @Rav Kseems bias

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