Crushing my cameramans truck and giving him a new one

Crushing my cameramans truck and giving him a new one

Backing over my cameramans extremely sentimental Toyota with my excavator and giving him a brand new 2021 tacoma.

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25 Responses

  1. abe cor says:

    “Man I cant take this” pauses for .2 seconds. “Leather seats”

  2. ThatOneRandom Ginger says:

    Seths cameraman instincts kicked in right as he saw the truck getting smashed 😂

  3. The Lawn Care Nut says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. You’re blessed to have a man like that on your staff.

  4. Cole The Cornstar says:

    Thank you, Cody. They don’t make many like Seth!

  5. TheRowdyRudy says:

    “is your hood good” HE REALLY ASKED IF THE EXCAVATOR WAS OKAY, THIS GUY IS A GEM. goooood stufff cody, & badass ass new truck seth got!!!

  6. Rob Patriot Self Reliance says:

    That is the most chill dude I have ever seen! When he said “I’ll cry about it later” I think he was serious. That was a great gift Cody! Side note, my 9 year old son is hooked on your videos, I am little nervous for my new Duramax, he has been looking at it a little differently ever since he started watching you…..

  7. Todd Smith says:

    “Doesn’t get mad about little stuff” I love how backing over his truck is “little stuff” 🤣 fair play mate

  8. PistonsRods Anddadjeans says:

    The cameraman seems like a really nice guy. He deserves it and you deserve credit for taking good care of your staff.

    • PistonsRods Anddadjeans says:

      @Billy I know most of his videos are for click bait he’s made an entire channel out of that, regardless of if it’s real or not I’m sure his cameramen are treated well… They are with him almost all the time.

    • Billy says:

      You know this is all fake right

  9. R Wolfcastle says:

    I died at, “Alright, well we can finish lunch.” while standing next to Seth’s destroyed truck 😂

  10. Frank Wiebe says:

    He’s definitely able to control his emotions, that’s the guy you want to keep around 👍

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