DaBaby – NO FINSTA (Official Music Video)

DaBaby – NO FINSTA (Official Music Video)

‘LETS DO IT’ Out Now: https://dababy.lnk.to/LETSDOIT
Spotify: https://dababy.lnk.to/LETSDOIT/spotify
Apple Music: https://dababy.lnk.to/LETSDOIT/applemusic
Amazon: https://dababy.lnk.to/LETSDOIT/amazonmusic




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26 Responses

  1. @EzraLarochelle says:

    24:24 Eu amo essa música,essa batida

    19:19 Belíssima
    17:17 Sensualidade em cada movimento
    10:11 Que coisa……..
    20:20 maravilhosa ver uma criança
    22:22 preocupado com a preservação da natureza!
    19:19 Lindo de ver!…..
    21:21 Parabéns Eve e Adam, Deus abençoe

  2. @BATCHOPPA says:


  3. @tikodavenport5427 says:

    You really having your way in the industry. You go at your own pace & don’t care about anything anyone else is doing. Keep doing you, we love you KIRK 🐐🐐🐐

  4. @ThatCasinoLife says:

    One of the few rappers that has his own style and doesn’t copy other artist. This man will forever be my favorite rapper 💯

  5. @daydrian says:

    This shi so hard bruh 😭😭

  6. @kturbo09 says:

    Them beats go so hard and Da Baby just has a way of flowing over the track with ease and them lyrics is just hitting!

  7. @user-tj5bk5eo2z says:

    HUGE DOORS OPEN AND MORE OPENING FOR THIS MAN AND HIS BABIES !!!! DaBaby gonna be one of the greatest directors of future movies, I’d love to see his creative vision on the big screen everywhere

  8. @Blackwolf21alphaGaming says:

    Great to see everyone working together and bringing a great video 🦾💯🔥🔥🔥

  9. @javonbarber says:

    The fact Dababy recreated all 3 Fridays in his past couple videos is lit 🔥 definitely revisiting my childhood💯💯

  10. @youthtrendx says:

    Always a vibe💯🔥 massive talent being displayed ❤ drop a like if your Dababy’s fan❤💯

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