Dawn FM Tracklist

Dawn FM Tracklist

The Weeknd’s new album Dawn FM is out on January 7, 2022. Pre-Save here: http://theweeknd.co/dawnfm

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35 Responses

  1. D4rant says:

    We already know this album is gonna take out breath away!
    Make sure to tune in to the listening party tomorrow!!!

  2. johnniewalker23 says:

    16 tracks! I hope they’re all as long as a Tool track. I can’t wait to hear them all over and over again, but I’m really excited for that Quincy track! Which track are you excited about?

  3. ProjectJamesify says:

    Abel is a mastermind and his unmatched storytelling continues with Dawn FM 🖤

  4. KOS LIMITED says:

    every album is a whole movie/story – the weekend & his team are artists in the entire sense of the word

  5. Folli says:

    This is going to be my first *New Album* experience from The Weeknd!
    His stuff is so unique, can’t wait!

  6. Evan Moss says:

    it’s amazing he stands ALONE in the industry, meanwhile everyone else is just making songs he makes an experience for us. The work he puts in is UNMATCHED.

    • maousi says:

      Yes This song is so good! I just tried making my own song named “you are not gone” inspired by him its in my Playlist !!
      tell me how you feel about it ?
      I’ll be waiting to hear back from you !❤

  7. Jaylynn Rose says:

    Abel really is the king of “trust the process” and he truly never disappoints.

  8. sensitive soci3ty says:

    This next album, from the previews alone, sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear it from start to finish

  9. HelliXhorts Editz says:

    This man has a another level of imaginary power… The Concept, lyrics are very really existing… We can relate this with us…. Huge respect for this man

  10. ReplicantPhish says:

    Honestly. The Weeknd and his team are modern creative masters. So current yet lightyears ahead of time, thought provoking storytelling protagonist tales of relationships, love and heartbreak. Nice!!!

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