De Los Santos’ FURIOUS reaction after Shakur Stevenson defeat

De Los Santos’ FURIOUS reaction after Shakur Stevenson defeat



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53 Responses

  1. Achilles IS says:

    One of the first times I’ve ever heard a translator actually *translate* what was said lol. Hope we see more of him.

  2. ju ju says:

    The only thing worse than this fight was Timothy Bradley’s commentary 💩

  3. Noob Peep Guitarists says:

    Totalmente orgulloso de Edwin por esta profesionalidad. He visto peores reacciones en robos mas ligeros.
    Runner playing being boxer… Not his fault though, Edwin is a monster. The fault are from the THREE judges that gave him victory, giving the award of making this sport boring

    • JR4REAL says:


    • jtostado95 says:

      @JR4REALhard to swing when you’re running all fight

    • Jonesey Baby says:

      @jtostado95If boxing is hit and NOT get hit then Shakur did just that. Santos is just mad because he was swinging at air.

    • Carlos Negron says:

      Nose porque dises eso Delos santo no iso nada solamente no quiso ariesgal.ninguno Delos dos tanto que ablaron los dos paraque los dos notiraran nada en toda la pelea los dos fueron dos gallina curuleca

    • Daniel Pimentel says:

      @Jonesey Baby Are we talking about the same fight? When exactly did Shakur hit Edwin? At least Edwin was trying to fight…

  4. Mr Grandi says:

    The thing this fight confirmed to me is that whenever Shakur Stevenson if facing an opponent just as fast an dangerous as him his gameplan is “All defense”. He won’t engage for NOTHING!😂

    • Shawn Smith says:

      Same here homie…..That young man has talked himself into a corner I don’t think he can get out of… He so Defensive, unless he knows he can’t get hurt he will not Engage and jump back 6 feet on a feint but appear to be Aggressive!

    • B. Ready says:

      He is scared to lose

    • The Wolf of Wall Skreet says:

      As soon as he gets a whiff of someone who can crack, he gets so scared. Bro gotta know he’s got a glass chin or something

    • Mr Grandi says:

      @B. Ready I don’t think he scared to lose, I think he probably can’t take a punch. That would explain why he always stick to defensive style

  5. Jason Mata @MBP210 says:

    I’m glad I didn’t lose any of my beauty sleep over this fight! I crashed even before it started!! 😅

  6. Justice Binion says:

    Man they boo’d shakur 2nd round on

  7. SKOOMA ADDICT says:

    I dont blame Edwin, this fight wasn’t a boxing match or a slugfest Shakur wanted to run on the track all night and Edwin couldn’t get anything off because of it. Very frustrating fight and Shakira Tweeterson had everyone snoozing 😴

    • pedro016541 says:

      this is exacly what chicken weather tought all theses young fighters run and back pedal and hug, no toe to toe action, Edwin exposed him

    • Mean Gravy says:

      As much as I dislike that type of fighting style it’s part of boxing,hit don’t get hit.
      I don’t blame sharkur

  8. Nelson P says:

    De Los Santos is a slick boxer who wants to fight. Shakur never wanted to take his chance with his equal in speed and he jumped back 3 steps at the sign of movements from his opponent. Boxing must make a change in their scoring system to never give the round to a boxer who is busier running than fighting.

    • Jamie Lowe says:

      Santos stood off shakur plenty aswell they weee both waiting around a lot and just cuz santos threw more don’t mean he was any better shakur out landed him that how boxing works hit and not get hit tbh it was a poor fight from both guys

    • Trey-Heru says:

      So he should of stood there in punching range 😂

    • Fabolous Jada says:

      Yup take it back to the 80s

    • Hsbsbshs Bebsbsjs says:

      ​@Trey-Heruno, but moving 3 steps back shouldn’t be considered a defensive move. It shouldn’t, if Edwin stay there like Shakur, boxing doesn’t win at all. Shakur is a terrible fighter. Points should be scored for hits

    • SamuraiJose817 says:

      ​@Hsbsbshs Bebsbsjs4 steps forwards makes sense for me in edwins game plan. Was he disabled after the 3rd step? Fact is Shakur could read him well and that’s how someone can beat Shakur. By being too quick too smart and just as conditioned. But he wasn’t.

  9. Jack McLeod Jr. says:

    Edwin tried pushing the pace but equally Shakur was not engaging, a footwork masterclass I will say, and I will always love slick technical boxing, but there was no correct dance partner tonight. Edwin is world class himself, he’s shown he can compete with the top boys. Hope to see him on another card soon, he’s got potential and still young around age 23 or so

  10. Jorge Marte says:

    Como Dominicano puedo decir que me siento orgulloso de Edwin de los Santos…. Es un peleador fuerte, rapido, fuerte pegada y sin miedo….con razon Shakira decidio correr en vez de pelear.

    • Blue Demon says:

      Como Mexicano, estoy de acuerdo. Shakira no peleo, corrió! El Dominicano si vino a pelear!

    • Domingo Juárez says:

      Orgulloso. De verdad te sientes orgulloso el también tuvo culpa porqe le hiso falta HUEVOS. Porqe si no Kiere pelear. El lo BUSCA MIEDOSO eso es la granada. K aprendan A el vaquero

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