Peyton & Eli Manning react to the Seahawks Game Winning Touchdown on the ManningCast

Peyton & Eli Manning react to the Seahawks Game Winning Touchdown on the ManningCast

Peyton and Eli couldn’t believe Drew Lock’s game winning touchdown pass to Jaxon Smith-Njigba to beat the Eagles

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36 Responses

  1. @Hdezz says:

    As a Broncos fan, I’m really happy for Drew, dude definitely deserves a moment like this after he was dealt a bad hand here in Denver

  2. @Conada1002 says:

    Happy for Drew X2
    I gave him a hard time as a Broncos fan, but nice to see him throw a 🎯 in the clutch.

    • @Freddy-wi5io says:

      He had potential just shit staff and too much going around in denver. Feels like the waters are calming now

    • @jhandle4196 says:

      It’s pretty obvious that Donkey fan is a bit lightheaded due to lack of oxygen.

    • @Conada1002 says:

      @@jhandle4196easy now. Drew was afforded every opportunity to be a regular starting qb1. Sometimes things don’t workout. I never disliked the person, just didn’t like the results. That’s why I gave him some love tonight. Nice to see him get right, even it’s just for one night

  3. @ajmanboobs26 says:

    As a Bronco fan as well I root for Lock he had all the tools just not the backing. Much respect 😊

    • @DavidHBurkart says:

      Agree. The coaching carousel alone really hindered his early career. Pete Carroll and the coaching staff in Seattle are good medicine for Drew, not to mention the QB room and his teammates.

  4. @azulsimmons1040 says:

    That was a hell of a throw by Lock.

    • @eamonkelley3811 says:

      Better catch

    • @jacobdavis3876 says:

      Hell of a TD to watch live. Being at this game was such a suspenseful and ultimately satisfying experience.

    • @eamonkelley3811 says:

      @@jacobdavis3876 enjoy the highlight of their playoffless season

    • @freddiesimmons1394 says:

      Was it though?

    • @randumo24 says:

      It was an overthrow that he was very lucky to be throwing to a dude with great hands. 99% of WRs can’t make an over the shoulder finger-tip catch.

      Lock’s getting credit because he’s the QB, but the real star of that play is JSN for making that catch and staying in bounds at the same time. It shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was for how open he was.

  5. @nicholas4727 says:

    You could tell Eli was estatic to watch the eagles crumble like that

    • @samuelgaona7196 says:

      As a Cowboys fan I was more happy they lost than I was upset the cowboys were blown out, Drew Lock kept us alive!

    • @highaltitude787 says:

      @@samuelgaona7196ya’ll will take care of business this Sunday vs my phins. Ya’ll will destroy us 37-10

    • @protectthesun1519 says:

      ​​@@samuelgaona7196 if you go in as the 2nd seed you get no rest and a home game but Detroit might get the 2 seed.. but if you go in as the 5th seed you get to rest starters for up to two weeks and get the winner of the awful NFC South.. 🤷

    • @tomatoisnotafruit5670 says:

      @@samuelgaona7196 yeah you Cowboys fans have a problem, most of ya hate the Eagles way more than you love your team

    • @howardsun says:

      Pass few weeks the Eagles have brought Niners, Cowboys and Seahawks fan base united all together, love the work they do.

  6. @rubbersole79 says:

    “Games are won in the 4th quarter. You HAVE to play great in the 4th quarter.” – Dan Marino

  7. @lexis4490 says:

    What an incredible game! Let’s go Seahawks!

  8. @youngfly44 says:

    Backup QB’s across the league are out here killing it and I’m happy Drew Lock finally had his moment 😎.

  9. @blondegirlsezthis8798 says:

    I used to live directly up the hill from the stadium, a good 10 blocks with the 1-5 and i-90 interchange between us and i could hear the stadium as clear as a bell over a mile away–utter insanity. Puts the fear into visiting teams, the “Seattle Chill” has ruined entire seasons on last second plays in there, it’s like a bad stretch of road littered with wreckage and vultures

  10. @TheHoot7 says:

    Broncos fan Every time I hear or see lock playing i watch man so happy he got his moment tonight. And that interview with him was 🔥

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