Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Portrait of a Murder | Announcement Trailer

Death circles overhead, but there’s strength in numbers.

The Portrait of a Murder Chapter is coming to Dead by Daylight. It includes a new Killer – The Artist – a new Survivor, Jonah Vasquez, and a surreal new Realm: the Forsaken Boneyard.

Carmina Mora’s artwork was once celebrated, but after suffering a brutal maiming, The Artist was reborn in The Fog. Facing haunting truths beyond comprehension, seasoned codebreaker and new Survivor Jonah Vasquez stands determined to seek answers — no matter the cost.

Prepare for Portrait of a Murder by sharpening your skills in Dead by Daylight today.


Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors your goal is to work together to evade, escape, and most importantly – stay alive.  


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29 Responses

  1. Havok says:

    Ooooo she looks so cool! Love the original chars 😁

  2. Tithi says:

    This looks and sounds intense! 😀

  3. TehShroo says:

    Holy hell I love the aesthetics of this chapter to bits!

  4. Reaper Grim says:

    Absolutely love these characters being brought into the Entity’s Realm!
    Can’t wait to see how they work

  5. Taa Feen says:

    Can’t wait to learn about her lore and abilities, (spotl)

  6. Raven Knight says:

    This actually looks kinda sick! Glad to see another original killer. I’m curious about the lore here.

  7. YPhoenix says:

    I love this direction this new chapter is going for, the location, new theme and design of The Artist, she looks elegant sophisticated, unlike another knife fling’in “artist” I like to dis on… I always appreciate the original supernatural Killers the Entity cooks up.

  8. Carmen Sinclair says:

    Genuinely, Behaviour has some of the best original character design in horror gaming. The Artist looks AMAZING and I can’t wait for Jonah as well. Keep up the excellent work guys!

    • FrozenFragility says:

      There are games that have way better designs so I disagree with this entirely, however I do agree that this does look good and they do a soild job with their own designs, but idk about THE BEST in horror thats a reach.

    • McLovin 99 says:

      Their killer designs are pretty cool, but definitely not the best. As for survivor designs, they’re ugly in my opinion

  9. DragonGirl 2000 says:

    Honestly, the new characters of this chapter look’s pretty cool! Can’t wait to see perks! 😊

  10. Sunbreaker7 says:

    wow, the Killer actually looks pretty cool for another ordinary killer design, kinda like Trickster, I mean. I really hope that BHVR will continue to improve the overall quality and feel of the Killers closer to AAA graphics and true horror.

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