Deadlock Official Gameplay Reveal // VALORANT

Deadlock Official Gameplay Reveal // VALORANT

Wield an arsenal of cutting-edge nano-wire tech with Deadlock, the adaptive Sentinel Agent hailing from Norway.


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41 Responses

  1. King Vidster says:

    She looks very unique, I am pleasantly surprised with the creativity of her abillities.

  2. Ininam says:

    After all these years, there is finally a norwegian character in an actual popular game.

  3. Brave Lil' Toasty 1273 says:

    What I always love about sentinels is how diverse they can be with how they defend a site. They got heals, turrets, cameras, and even a sniper rifle. Controllers always have smokes, initiators(expect sova) always has flashes and duelists are always insta-locking.

  4. EnderKnight BG says:

    In my oppinion, Deadlock is absolutely the most unique agent so far, i can already imagine that she requires a lot of mechanic to master her. And from design wise she looks badass and fitting for her personality.

    • Kappa Rex says:

      I think gekko is the most unique agent. he got util that can plant and defuse the spike tho 😂

    • Ixatoke9 says:

      @Kappa Rexor maybe astra cuz the ult button is to go astral

    • Abhay Tomar says:

      I think gekko is most unique

    • EnderKnight BG says:

      When writing this comment i also initially think that gekko is one of the most unique agent in the game. But what made me think that deadlock dethrones gekko is because her mechanic is like none other, she has a sound queue detector, a see through barrier and an ult that can transform enemies into a tornado.

    • Abhay Tomar says:

      @EnderKnight BG oh thats a sound detector

  5. Tanzeel Rahman says:

    The synergy between the new character and SOVA is incredibly strong, making them an unstoppable duo that is difficult to counter.

    • Free Style says:

      no lmfao that was only for the trailer, if anything id assume raze would be better

    • J B says:

      ​@Free Style raze’s nade be OP with any other agent’s pull / slow abilities haha

    • Hechy says:

      she’s good with any character with damaging utility, can use the net on bomb tap along with molly/made/shock. with good wall/net lineups she can trap people into sova, brim, or kj ult. She can even have a lineup to stop defenders from rotating off the site when pushing with a kayo/phoenix ult. She seems like she will be a poor pick without strong team play and a strong pick with team play. Her wall can delay attackers pushing from multiple angles at once to isolate fights, or even block people from retaking certain parts of sites, they will have to be in LoS to break the wall and can just be shot.

    • Sonatine says:

      On Fracture… Raze, Sova, Breach, Deadlock, Brimstone. That could work perfectly.

    • Zidlont says:

      @Hechy yep

  6. sam phillips says:

    A pre set up stun based on noise is really cool. Amazing late round/last man on site piece of utility and can even be set up in open areas where stuns are usually less effective.

  7. Kanga - VALORANT says:

    DEADLOCK LOOKS INSANE! Can’t wait to play her omg

  8. Amanda Celine says:

    The ult looks very impressive! Can’t wait to try all of her abilities on match

  9. iseqweem says:

    New sentinel main unlocked, seems like a very versatile agent being able to play defensively and offensively

  10. xMysticZ says:

    I can’t wait to get to use her .. she seems unique of a character

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