Deion Sanders addresses Jay Norvell’s comments and talks Shedeur’s future | First Take

Deion Sanders addresses Jay Norvell’s comments and talks Shedeur’s future | First Take

Deion Sanders addresses Jay Norvell’s comments and talks Shedeur’s future | First Take
Deion Sanders joins First Take to discuss Jay Norvell’s comments, his struggles with his leg and expectations for the Colorado Buffaloes this season.

0:00 Deion Sanders on Jay Norvell’s comments
3:30 Talking Shedeur Sanders
4:50 Discussing on his surgeries
8:00 Expectations for the Buffaloes
11:45 Deion Sanders says Colorado is close to changing the game
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38 Responses

  1. Logan says:

    Deion’s pride and determination is contagious. Not only does he believe, he makes us all believe in ourselves. Incredibly inspirational.

  2. Duece Hunchos says:

    I was one of those kids on those 7 buses.. I’m team Coach Prime forever.. That man fed me, taught me, disciplined me, and shown me things I’d never seen. I’m glad the world is giving him the attention and love he so greatly deserves. Someone stole my moms car and it had all my football equipment in it; Coach Prime bought me brand new everything and he hooked my mom up with a rental until we got another whip.. Love him like he my pops man… TRUTH 4 LIFE

  3. MrCorner21 says:

    This man is 50 something years old, played pro ball, was on TV, yet just now feels he’s serving his purpose…we gotta appreciate that message no matter what age or stage we at

    • antwan holman says:

      He may just now feel that he’s living his purpose, but he’s always said he was where he was supposed to be at the time. Even when he played football. He said he was doing what he was supposed to be doing. He played. Then coached pee wee football. The high school football. Now college football. It’s like he was being prepared for this time

    • MrCorner21 says:

      @antwan holman yeah true, he trusted the process the whole time. I’m just saying that some of us feel like we have to have all the answers by like age 30, and we’re a failure if we don’t….or maybe we get up in our years and feel like the best we had to offer was in our younger days. As great and as successful he was as an athlete, Deion would probably say he’s doing his best and most important work now, well after his physical “prime”

    • DMV Bay says:

      There are so many, many people who spend their whole entire lives and end up dying and get buried and still did not serve or realize their full potential. It’s sad but true. Glad that he knows what his purpose is.

    • Stay Well says:

      All his previous accomplishments were a part of the preparation for his purpose.

    • Rollwit Dapole says:

      jay fr topic – will you remember after this??

  4. Lewcy says:

    The beautiful part, about Deion being how he is while going through what he’s gone through physically, is that it shows his young men that there are no excuses on the path to greatness

  5. Ezekiel 25:17 says:

    “It wasn’t a white crowd or a black crowd, it was a Buffalo crowd.” Wow! Thank you, Deion. No race talk needed.

    • Eye Conqueror says:

      i’m so tired of racial division it’s so pointless and stupid

    • dopeey x says:

      @Eye Conqueror so we not gone act like those alabama fans wasn’t racist af to the Texas players ?? bird brain

    • Ronald Wilson says:

      @dopeey x exactly. That’s why racism is not going nowhere. Because they want it to magically disappear, and not deal with it. There’s videos of all kind of teams saying racial slurs at CU players.

  6. Thomas Lawson says:

    Deion is displaying a master class in leading men. Each one of the young men on his team, support staff, etc. are experiencing a betterment of their life, their mental health, and their purpose. He’s doing the simple blocking and tackling to make sure these young men have strong minds, comport themselves with character, and allow themselves to achieve. He’s coaching their mind, and letting the rest of his staff handle the details and use that well shaped and conditioned mind to go out and experience success and achievement, which feeds their self esteem and then the cycle repeats. So many coaches/leaders focus on the Xs and Os but if you focus on the human being, the rest will take care of itself.

  7. Stephenson Smith says:

    Everyone on set wearing shades supporting prime is iconic 🤣🤣🤣

    • Liveone22 says:

      No, it is cartoonish and biased. I thought these people were there to report on a college football game coming up

    • Antonio Ellis says:

      It isn’t a news reporting show. It’s a debating and opinion based show which inherently makes it biased and entertaining.

    • Larry Harris says:

      @Liveone22 How is it cartoonish? So, because he doesn’t fit the caucasion standard, its a problem.

    • Kevon Jones says:

      @Liveone22no it’s called genius marketing at its finest Stephen A and Shay are his real life friends so duhh they’re biased. Go get you some blenders my boy

  8. TuXed says:

    “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks…..that’s what my book told me” Coach Prime is just DIFFERENT in every aspect of his life 👑🙏

    • Sedwick Creekmur says:

      Peace. Tremendous Biblical textual statement, i concur with.

      I as, with a mind of “Family nurtured admonition, of Coach Jay’s mother, for instilling in him…”THAT SPECIFIC ADMONISHMENT , for when speaking to other, such as..(Take off you hat, and glasses, if wearing any). Yet, that’s a trait of honor/respect, etc, that HIS MOTHER TAUGHT HIM, which doesn’t PERCIPATE disrespect, that he MAY FEEL, Deion is giving, and or promoting. One has to measure one’s statement’s, with moral, religious, or SELF BELIEF standards, not what one feels is an, “earthly, religious, moralistic, etc..measure of a standard.. UNTO OTHERS.

      Should someone because of ME in THIER PRESCENCE, take of their hat and shades..AT THE BEACH, when Im speaking with him/her/them. What about, when I’m in my car at a traffic stop, talking across to them, from my car., and so on and son and so on? Jay failed to bring about the what is the failure to observe standards or show due honesty or modesty; improper language, behavior, or character, while having GLASSES AND A HAT ON, inclusively?

    • Trevor Wiliams says:

      @Sedwick Creekmur It was a jab and he was pandering to a particular group that doesn’t like anything that Coach Deion does, his culture, style, swag, etc. If he didn’t have manners or respect, all these companies wouldn’t be calling him to endurse their products. Obviously he knows how to talk to adults. It had nothing to do with football. He was rallying his base.

    • antwan holman says:

      ​@Trevor Wiliamsthat may be true…but he is an ordained minister. And he’s always quoted from the Bible, even when he was still playing. Ijs. Maybe he wasn’t pandering

  9. thetexasjoneses says:

    There is no way you can listen to this interview and not have respect for this man as a person. You don’t have to like him as a coach, celebrity or athlete, but you will find some level of respect as a man and father. Keep doing what you’re doing Prime and keep putting God first….in everything.

    • Tommy Turner says:

      Jason Whitlock question coach prime christianity

    • S.C.T.G says:

      💯 percent facts. How could you dislike a man of his caliber. The real ones is with you every step of the way Prime. Continue to put God first, continue to believe and continue to push those young men to be better in life.

    • blissdad says:

      ​​@Tommy Turnerright? Goes to show you. If you dont have a few haters you’re probably not doing enough. Success breeds hate…

  10. C.C. Garland - Real Estate Wholesaling Mastery says:

    Coach Prime is an authentic, flawed (as we all are), and sincere human being. It’s quite refreshing to see someone talk so candidly and not mince his words in his position. Much respect.

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