dad life

dad life

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24 Responses

  1. Vindooly says:

    It’s great to see you doing so well Felix! 😊

  2. Veil says:

    Dude is literally living in the “Good Ending”, and frankly, he deserves every bit of it.

    I’ve watched since 2013, every evolution, every improvement, and every setback. This man, after everything he’s done for us, deserves to live the good life.

    Brofist, Pewds 👊

  3. Niladri Karmakar says:

    He’s living an absolutely amazing and peaceful life in Japan, practically being away from all fame and people coming to interrupt him irl, while still being connected with his community..!

  4. Pig Nebula says:

    Man, you and Marzia just seem like the best parents. Björn is such a cute little guy! Having that babysitter sounds like a real lifesaver. So happy for you guys!

  5. Pumpkin says:

    I dont think you understand how calming and happy this content makes me. I can’t thank you enough for sharing, nor Marzia for editing in such a beautiful way.

  6. JaRew says:

    Our son just turned 1. I find it increasingly entertaining seeing you guys start your young family around the same time. We lead very different life styles but you can tell how much love and passion you all have and I can 100% relate to that. I know things may change but I hope one day I’ll get to watch some of your videos with my son and tell him your family basically started when ours did! Good luck to you all and thanks for the entertainment!

  7. Abdelaziz Boudabia says:

    From that kid who screams while playing video games to actually being a father, I’m genuinely so happy for you Felix

  8. 幽霊・エラSpirit Ella says:

    My heart melts every time Pewds looks at his and Marzia’s baby. Such wonderful people that became wonderful parents too. I adore these vlogs so much T.T

  9. Joshua 1:9 says:

    Thank you Felix and Marzia for including us in your new journey both in Japan and as parents. It’s so great to see both of you as happy and proud parents. You’re doing great! Keep up the great work and thank you to Marzia for the fantastic edits!

  10. Laura Usai says:

    Wow… I remember being 12/13 and watching PewdiePie gaming videos, and now Felix has a beautiful family and life! I’m so happy for him and Marzia. Seeing them so happy and full of love really warms my heart. Bjorn has wonderful parents ♥

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