Discord’s New Usernames are Here…

Discord’s New Usernames are Here…

Usernames are being rolled out and it is problematic to put it kindly.

The way Discord is releasing these new usernames is through a rollout system. Waves of people gain access to change their Discord username. However, many people realize that a ton of usernames are taken… What gives?

Well Discord has put in a fancy little reservation system which is so super clear and obvious and totally not making me want to smash my head against the wall. But it either completely screws you over, or it keeps your username safe and sound from people’s grimy mittens.

Discord Previews Server

Discord Server


00:00 – Username Rollout
01:45 – Reserved Username System
03:55 – The Username Filter of all Time
04:14 – Harassment
05:35 – Rare Username Market
07:50 – 1 Letter Usernames
08:39 – Discord Staff Corrupt?1?1?!!?12!
10:44 – I drink gasoline

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53 Responses

  1. No Text To Speech says:

    Also if you own a server with Server Subscriptions (and made some money like $100), then you would also get early access to usernames before everyone else.

  2. Sigma says:

    I don’t get why all platforms are being extremely anti-user right now all of a sudden.

  3. Koma5 says:

    Apparently Discord has been hiring ex-Meta managers as of late, which makes a lot of sense considering these changes.

  4. Tadano Hitohito says:

    Non-unique usernames were one of the selling points of Discord back in the day, because it was meant to be a more intimate place to chat with your friends. Unique usernames would detract from that significantly. The reasons that Discord cited for this change don’t make sense either. I’ve never had an issue adding someone on Discord.

    • dreamin_jayden says:

      honestly this is an unfortunate case of: rare discord L.

    • Tadano Hitohito says:

      @dreamin_jayden nah, discord takes plenty of Ls. This is just the most egregious one lately.

    • Ambrosia Palace Zone says:

      You never came across one of the people with an untypable username.

    • keyboard warrior says:

      yeah, and if they wanted to make it easier to add people, they could’ve taken the route that things like roblox(bad example, ik) took, and made it so you can scan a QR code to add someone

    • Thomas Edits says:

      @Ambrosia Palace Zonethose are not the kind of people you would want to add anyway

      those names right there were one hell of a self-report

  5. Jarp says:

    It’s funny how one of the reasons for the change was to make usernames more simple, but now people need to make more complicated usernames because their old ones are being sniped.

  6. Mentality says:

    Discord trying to make good decisions: *IMPOSSIBLE*

  7. Aucheki says:

    I just love their logic of “People are not able to have certain names because there already 9999 people who have it, so now instead of letting 9999 people having the name they wanted just let 1 person have it ! :D”.
    A very smart decision if you ask me.

    • luke gibson says:

      Just add another digit 💀

    • BagelDog says:

      i think the point is that your display name can be anything, so everyone can have the same username. In their eyes the username is just a formality, like the discriminator

    • Aoki says:

      @BagelDog still stupid it was a mark of Discord display name was already a thing they dont even needed to that since every person as already a unique ID

  8. Amita Subudhi says:

    Discord, Reddit, Twitch and Twitter are doing the “ruining the whole company” speedrun

  9. Aaronn says:

    I think discord or the internet as a whole would make remarkably better decisions if they’d just, right before rolling out anything, ask themselves, “why is this necessary?”

    • kimiz says:

      but instead, they’re asking themselves “how should we justify our decision to the users?” to think of an excuse to a non-existent problem. really, this is honestly just a downgrade as discriminators allowed for 9999 of the same usernames, but now it has all just been reduced to one.

    • Neko chan says:

      It’s not that they could just add one number. Not at all.

    • RalverTT says:

      maybe if they pulled a poll for the people who actually use the app so we can have some input cus I havent seen a single person who likes this update

    • Bendzsike says:

      ​@RalverTTbecause there isn’t a single actual discord user who likes this update. But hey, they saved me 5$ every month, because now I stopped paying for my Nitro Classic.

  10. Michaelo0 says:

    What annoyed me the most now that the change is forced and no backing out is the lack of caps in the username.
    A lot of usernames look bad without capitals and it just annoys me so much.

    • Luxalpa says:

      why? Nobody will see your username anyway… Unless you’re trying to say that the discriminator #5312 was more beautiful?

    • Coccocoa Helper says:

      @Luxalpa It actually was, I loved the 6942 discriminators…

    • Litch The Shinigami says:

      Same 😂 i was fully like oh come on. Now it just looks like a toddler typed it that doesn’t know what the caps is

    • Michaelo0 says:

      @Luxalpa Anyone who clicks on your profile sees your username, that’s a lot more than nobody lol.

      Discord could of allowed capitalization with this change but didn’t, and it annoys me as it makes a lot of usernames look visually worse.
      Also I didn’t think having a number discrimintor looked bad, so yeah I guess I do think the old system was better because capitals were allowed for the text part.

    • Ltwpe says:

      Yeah my discord username looks bad without capital letters

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