Solving the Mysteries of My Ancient Pokémon

Solving the Mysteries of My Ancient Pokémon

I discovered hundreds of Pokémon I caught decades ago…but where did they come from?
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I make Pokemon videos, such as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content, Pokemon Legends Arceus content, Pokemon playthrough challenges, Top 10 or Top 5 Pokemon videos, Pokemon Talk, Pokemon Meme Review, and lots more! If you’re any level of Pokemon fan, subscribe for videos you’re sure to love!

Edited by KeeLoker and Katie Rose
Mytey subscribe animation by Spoody:


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49 Responses

  1. SemiHypercube says:

    It’s really neat how 20+ year old Pokemon can still be used even in current games

    • Gengarzilla says:

      Unless Dexit means they’re not in a specific game, at least.

    • Francisco Ríos says:

      @Gengarzilla let it go man.

    • Dolly Dalmatian says:

      I actually have a Kyogre from an Emerald cartridge I bought from this used game store before it went out of business in my Violet game right now. The OT is Ricario, a combination of my real life name Richard, and Lucario, a Pokemon I find to be pretty cool.

    • Kaleb B says:

      @Francisco Ríos They’re just stating a fact, not being bitter or anything, what’s wrong with their response?

    • Louis Perry says:

      @Kaleb BI’m pretty sure that they were just a person that was annoyed by the amount of people that got annoyed by the fact that national dex was not in the newer game

  2. Entr0pyDee says:

    Honestly, yeah you found a lot of cool stuff, but Daddo the Unown should be cherished FOREVER. That is so heartwarming.

  3. The Almighty Duck says:

    The Unown D being named Daddo along with your story about your dad made me tear up a little.

    Also, it’s rather fitting that you have a Miltank in a Master Ball. The best ball for the best pokemon. Wouldn’t you agree, Mikey? 🙂

  4. Darkonaut Gaming says:

    Having Pokémon Box is quite impressive since it is one of the most rare GameCube games ever usually being a few hundred dollars so it’s quite a feat just to have it

  5. C0mmanderZer0 says:

    Okay, but now you have to transfer Dairang into Pokémon Home, breed it for a Miltank egg, and then use the resulting Miltank for your Miltank Solo run.

  6. RyderElements says:

    This is interesting. I love how it feels like an Unsolved Mysteries series. The fact your Unown D was named Daddo made me think of my Grandmother, who passed away in April. Thank you for making this video.

  7. Our Kind of Entertainment says:

    This video is such a trip down memory lane for any of us that played Pokémon in our younger years. Gosh, those GBC, SP, GBA, etc. eras were timeless!

    If you ever have kids in the future, you can show them that it’s possible to take what you love and make it into a career because you are truly a living example of that!

    Keep up the great content Mikey!

  8. Justin Groth says:

    Incredible journalism & story telling! What a nostalgia trip! Always wanted to be a dragon trainer like Lance growing up so that OT was definitely me 🤣

    Did not expect the Unknown. This video hit harder than expected, props for the authenticity Mikey. Glad to still have you as my best friend & brother after all these years 💪🏼

  9. Lord Remiem says:

    This was one hell of a journey, Mikey! Only you can turn an old “save file exploration” video into something this amazing to watch… and also so wholesome! 😮

  10. Youtube-Kit94 says:

    Have to give it to you – your storytelling skills have improved and become stellar. I watched a 30 minute video of a pokéboomer rambling on about old pokés in some cartridge and was entertained and thrilled all the way through!

    • animeangel1983 says:

      Pokeboomer is a thing now 0_o? I guess that makes me one too, seeing as I still have all my OT game files from as far back and Red, Blue and Yellow in 1998…which has an event Mew on Yellow that I can’t get off it.

    • Youtube-Kit94 says:

      @animeangel1983 I didn’t think I’d need to explain this here, but ok…
      No, Pokéboomer isn’t a word. It’s not a slur or anything.
      It very obviously was just a playful jab at old people (who are e.g. of the boomer generation) stereotypically liking to ramble on about who knows what to the boredom of their children, and Mikey being such a talented storyteller that even “such ramblings” were entertaining to listening to, considering how many of the games he talks about are 15 years or older.
      I played since gold and silver and thus am a bigger “pokéboomer” than Mikey, but that wasn’t the point.

    • animeangel1983 says:

      @Youtube-Kit94 I had never heard that term before, I’m a cusp Gen X-Millennial born in 1983. Though I do feel old at 40 since my first games where Red, Blue and Yellow that I played when I was already 15, way beyond the age group it was meant for.

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