DIY stools molded to our butts

DIY stools molded to our butts

We made stools perfectly molded to our butts! Go to to get up to 50% off sitewide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Brought to you by Raycon. Check out the tools we used below! 👇

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TotalBoat: check out the resin we use: (sponsored affiliate link) (search for high performance)

Want behind-the-scenes content? Check out the Aftershow for:
• Katelyn’s confession
• Our original plan was way more NSFW
• How long we’ve wanted to do this and why we pulled the trigger
• The moment we thought the project failed
• The huge mistake we made
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00:00 A fresh take on stools
01:11 Materials and plans
01:39 Small scale test
03:50 First dip
04:55 an E and K Classic
05:17 New plans
06:30 Going thiccer
07:00 Baby Powder XTREME
07:50 Results and thoughts
10:13 Since we’re no longer sure
11:00 “Connecting” with the powder
12:17 Head banging and Air guitar
13:35 Razzo Macarena
14:20 Faux ice cream
15:10 Vacuuming Razzo
16:35 Here’s my butt mold
17:35 Evan NOT rushing
18:20 Katelyn’s butt dip
19:55 Evan’s butt dip
21:30 Making modern art
22:25 Demolding
24:04 Sanding
25:00 Neighbor’s interruption
25:40 Breaking into the butt stool industry

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37 Responses

  1. Evan and Katelyn says:

    Go to to get up to 50% off sitewide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Brought to you by Raycon

  2. WarpedKarma6471 says:

    Evan and Katelyn can’t get any weirder
    Evan and Katelyn:
    ~ B U T T S T O O L ~

  3. Arya Melanson says:

    I love how quickly Evan started to try and save his butt when he started explaining how Katelyns stool felt. I died lmao 😂😂😂

  4. Autumn Gahagan says:

    For the new pressure pot, I propose the name Torrence. Like Terrence but named after the torr, a unit of pressure.

  5. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    The cursed furniture saga continues!!! This is the best phase you guys have ever been in. Hand pencil holder, leg table, butt stools, butt cat bed, soon enough you’ll have a whole house full of cursed furniture 😂

  6. Polak Maciej says:

    For next time: cast your butt (or whatever) in plaster (the way they do it for movies/etc., either with the use of alginate or silicone). Use the plaster copy to imprint on resin/razzo. You can spray the plaster copy with mold release and leave until resil/razzo cures – leaving you with a perfect imprint.

  7. •ArizønaMeløn• says:

    I remember when they made the hand cupholder, and katelyn told evan to save the butt instructions cause she wanted to this and im so happy to finally see it come to life 😂😂

  8. botaaaaani says:

    the froggy is literally everything, he needs a butt stool.

  9. Meredith Hagan says:

    Maybe next time make silicon molds? 😂

    Also, your neighbor’s cat is gorgeous, almost as pretty as Joob!

  10. euph says:

    Seeing Evan and Katelyn smack eachothers butts and chase eachother around is so wholesome 😭❤️

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