DLNR captures new aerial footage of Lahaina Wildfire Disaster

DLNR captures new aerial footage of Lahaina Wildfire Disaster

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) released extensive new aerial footage on Friday showing more of the damage from the Lahaina Wildfire Disaster.

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  1. Путь к успеху с По says:

    Это красивое место, и здесь живут добрые, хорошие люди. Мне очень жаль, что произошла такая трагедия, и не все успели спастись..Правительству необходимо принять меры, чтобы такое никогда не повторилось.🙏

    • Katie Hettinger says:

      Governments can’t control the weather and fire is an unfortunate natural phenomenon. The federal, state, county and local governments are working together to make people’s lives whole again. Sadly no one can bring back the dead. Thanks for the kind thoughts. 😢👍💖

    • Curious Nomad says:

      @Katie Hettinger Always a possibility of arson. The fire started somehow and it’s unlikely lightening did it. Maybe a careless smoker. The area looked very dry because it’s summer.

    • Kayleigh Groenendal says:

      I don’t blame indigenous peeps for being EXTRA mad at the colonizers. This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Europeans.

    • Seymore Hynee says:

      It was a controlled burn … this is the county’s fault …

  2. Nebraska Jones says:

    Sending love and support to all the people effected by this horrible tragedy from Australia

  3. Nth Truth says:

    Condolences to those who lost a loved one & sending blessed prayers to everyone in Maui. Before rebuilding, Maui homeowners please learn from the 1993 Laguna Beach fire where only one home in Mystic Hill was the only left untouched by it—-was spared due to its construction and landscape design. The house featured double-pained glass which helps keep heat from igniting the draperies inside the house, a tile roof sealed with concrete on the ends to keep sparks out, and stuccoed eves to hide any exposed wood. Landscaping zones of fire resistant plants also helped. Ron and Lona Ingwerson were the owner of that home.

    • Ms. K says:

      I’m literally thinking something about the power grid here has to be flawed. The second thing I noticed in this footage is that the surrounding green space isn’t torched. The fire concentrated in the buildings and infrastructure within the city. Why? What caused the city to become an inferno, while the surrounding fields and open grasslands remained unscorched . Something seems very strange about this. I live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and am used to forest fires that engulf everything in their path. Why did this fire only destroy the town itself? Our atmospheric system is completely different from Hawaii, but it just seems extremely weird to me. Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

    • C T says:

      @Ms. K Density of buildings. Buildings are far more flammable than forests. The fire hops from home to home, crossing streets. These home have hundreds of flammable items in them that you won’t find in a forest. You don’t have a car with fuel every 100 yards in the Rocky Mountains. You don’t have gas mains running through streets for miles. In addition to this materials aspect, this fire was being fed by a hurricane also. Near drought conditions affect built up areas more than it affects sheltered forested areas. All of these things combined to create the circumstances for this disaster.

    • SC Vandy says:

      We’re all sorry — still — for the victims, loved ones, businesses, survivors from Laguna Beach’s (Calif.) own fire 30 years ago. That said:
      the contributing conditions, depth of disaster, enormity of destruction, high level of loss of life, etc. differences between Laguna Beach then and the Lahaina inferno August 2023 with 80 mph winds assuring the fire wouldn’t stop and WOULD spread to the water’s edge and beyond are ‘apples and oranges’ — to use an expression as old as time itself.

      How many of Lahaina’s hundreds of nuked houses and buildings and structures would have survived — if only the owners had used “double-pained glass,” “stuccoed eves to hide exposed wood” and “landscaping with fire resistant plants”?
      The answer is in the single digits, if any. THIS was of a magnitude ‘something else all together.’

      “Mahalo, KITV and DLNR.”

    • FePyroMaiden says:

      there was more than one home in Mystic Hills that was not burned down….my family home was however

  4. Todd Lippman says:

    I usually don’t get too emotional but this hurts. I have had the pleasure to visit Lahaina multiple times, including just last month. So sad to see the places I cherish vanquished from eternity. Hopefully the banyan tree can rise from the ashes and symbolize a new Lahaina. Stay strong Maui. Mahalo for all you have given me.

    • private user says:

      This is truly devastating. Those who have been blessed to have visited Lahaina in the past were very fortunate indeed. The kindness of its citizens and the feeling of it being a paradise will stay with us forever. Thank you Lahaina. Love from 🇦🇺

    • anna wofford says:

      Still think targeted. Like some of their other ( wild fires) in Calif etc. Probably can find the Lazer in a picture somewhere

    • Pamela Smith says:

      This breaks my heart. We vacationed here for the first time in July of 2021. We loved it. Such a beautiful location. I’m heartbroken over this.

    • Eabnam Oliben says:

      This is truly an AMAZING view on how nature works!!!🎉

    • ArtMyHeart says:

      My heart hurts. I had the pleasure of staying in Lahaina last August for 2 weeks. I’m so sorry for all of Maui. To see the beautiful banyan trees burned breaks my heart. To the beautiful people of Maui, my heart is with you!

  5. Semack02 says:

    It never fails to amaze me how with wildfires there can be 99% devastation and then a random house or building remains (relatively) unscathed. It’s mind blowing to me that can happen and just shows how unpredictable and chaotic these fires are. Sending love and support to Lahaina.

    • C T says:

      For some it is just chance, but mostly it’s down to materials of construction. They might look entirely fine from a distance but you can’t really assess the inside. Seems to me the buildings which remain intact among the debris are brick/concrete, most of the domestic homes there were decades old and made of wood. Of course wood burns and concrete/brick doesn’t.

    • Jesse Villalabos says:

      Have you heard of directed energy?

    • Richard Swink says:

      @Jesse Villalabos people walking around like zombies.
      Asleep at the wheel

  6. SC says:

    I visited from Australia last November (my third trip there) with my daughter. Just devastated to see the destruction of this beautiful little town, which we had loved visiting: the little speciality shops and the historic buildings and the cafes. So sorry for those you have lost loved ones, homes, property, businesses and livelihoods. Such a tragedy for Maui and the Hawaiian people.

  7. Maggie W says:

    This breaks my heart. Prayers and love to all in Lahaina and all of Hawaii.

  8. Ms. K says:

    This is the first video I’ve seen that shows the full devastation of the fire. I’m beyond devastated for those who have lost everything, and the victims of this tragedy. All I can say is my heart bleeds for all of you .
    Bless you all.
    This is beyond my comprehension at this time and I cannot begin to imagine.

  9. J House says:

    so heartbreaking…
    it’s also eerie and amazing to see random individual structures untouched while surrounded by ash… 0:56, 2:46

    • Kevin Aus says:

      They may have just cleaned out their roof gutters, not had flamable material in their yards and mowed their grass. The smallest things can make a big difference. I have seen it first hand.

    • Katie Hettinger says:

      Yes, that take some, leave some quality of fires is unfathomable. 😉👍💙🇺🇸🕊

    • J House says:

      @Kevin Aus oh my gosh… or just lucky and blessed.

    • J House says:

      @Katie Hettinger I don’t know how I’d feel returning to my home if all my surrounding neighbors lost theirs…😥😥

    • Dylan Sylvan says:

      The houses that survived probably did not have an accurate GPS spot for MQ-9

  10. Abraham Akau says:

    This fire just took out the heart of Lahaina Maui. All the homes. cars. jobs , businesses restaurants, boats and historic spots. This place is main location of tourism business and economic driver for Maui. Its beyond words and devastation cannot describe this feeling of such a deep lost for community and the history it has for over a 100 plus years. We will miss Lahaina and all it offered for everyone who had the chance to experience its uniqueness.

    • Judith Schoner says:

      Where have you gone “Lahaina”? You broke my heart, is this reality or just a bad joke 😢? My question is “why”, who is responsible for this disaster. It is so wrong, what happened.
      Let us pray for answers and the recovery of Maui.

    • Alice White says:

      Wildfire that incinerated everything but the trees… not natural. Still horrible 😢

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