Dodgers vs. Padres NLDS Game 4 Highlights (10/15/22) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Padres NLDS Game 4 Highlights (10/15/22) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Padres full game highlights from 10/15/22, presented by @Chevrolet

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43 Responses

  1. RUSTY NAIL says:

    The 2022 MLB Postseason has a March Madness feel to it.

  2. Pop Culture Jaguar says:

    This has been one of the most unpredictable postseasons in awhile

  3. MLB Baseball Talk says:

    Padres have that special feel to them. Phenomenal lineup top to bottom and pitching has really elevated their game in the playoffs. All year they had a great team and both the Phillies and Padres have tons of momentum. Excited for that series gonna be an interesting one for sure

  4. Lucky Baldwin says:

    Congratulations Padres from a Giants fan. The impossible dream becomes reality.

  5. Robert Snider says:

    Honestly I just want Darvish to win a Championship. He’s an excellent pitcher with disgusting stuff when he’s on point. He used to be on point nearly always, injuries have hampered the man but no one spins it like he does. He’s out there throwing magic arrows.

    • Marc Zamo says:

      Dude is absolutely nasty when he is healthy, he’s got so many pitches.. we loved him as a Ranger, got so close to winning it all with him. Rooting for him

  6. soda drink says:

    as a braves fan, i would like to thank the dodgers for stealing the humiliation spotlight from us after only a few hours 😂

    • J.K. Berry says:

      As a Dodgers fan….Any time!

    • D A says:

      @CC This might be the most putrid take I’ve ever seen

    • Leinad says:

      You got eliminated by the phillies😂

    • Danny Freer says:

      Yeah dude the Padres are actually a very very good team where you got beat by a bunch of scrubs who shoulda been knocked out in the wild card round by the looser Mets bro!!,so easy tough guy, you let your best 1st baseman n most clutch guy walk away and your pitching looked like they were one of the worst staffs in baseball and again IF they somehow got past the Padres they woulda lost to the Phillies, sorry your wife beating star and young star who flips his bat when he hits a fly ball out,lmao. Like come on man, how can you say a team with Soto,Machado,Cronenworth, and more but in NO!!WAY, SHAPE OR FORM IS THE DODGERS LOOSING TO THE PADRES worse then the Braves loosing to the Phillies. The Phillies were lucky to be there bro let alone make it past a better team in BOTH series

  7. koma says:

    As a New York Yankees fan, and our season on the line, congrats to the Padres and Phillies! Two unexpected runs to the NLCS. Never expected this in the beginning of the playoffs

  8. Dynasty Dyno says:

    As a dodger fan, I may be sad but congrats to the padres. You definitely earned it. You guys beat the two best teams in the national league

  9. YOUNG SONG says:

    Kim Ha Seong’s timely hit was a turning point of yesterday’s victory!!!

    • jasona9 says:

      7:28 Seeing Ha Seong SMILE ear to ear as he popped up from 2B and pointed to his dugout was special. You could tell he really wanted THAT victory ✌️ and knew he had just hit his BIGGEST extra base hit as a San Diego Padre 💛🤎

    • William Thorstad says:

      My take is Profars hard earned leadoff walk. Good eye all year. That started the mo’ goin’… Kim’s hit was clutch, no doubt
      Was happy to see Soto finally contribute that inning. He and Pads needed that. Anyway… WooHoo, what a great series for SD! Bring on the ‘stros. (Yes, I’m looking past the Phil’s. Our pitching has this and our offense will continue to be clutch.) See ya in a week!

    • 불법주차 says:


    • Susanna Nunez says:

      The reason we chant his name, Kim comes through such an amazing athlete🔥🔥🔥SD 💛 Kim!!! LESSSSSSS GOOOOO PADRES 💛⚾💛⚾💛

    • SSeabas says:

      Go Kim!

  10. Patrick says:

    getting to watch the final moments of this game with my family was such a special moment. and seeing the electric atmosphere at Petco Park on the television – gave me chills!

    Go Padres!

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