Bayern vs. Barcelona: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Bayern vs. Barcelona: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

If you can’t beat them? Barcelona has known nothing but woe vs. Bayern of late. But now they take to the pitch with Bayern’s former star man Lewandowski.

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37 Responses

  1. Tamilore Sofola says:

    Barca were actually fantastic in the first half but after Bayern’s first goal they were just not as good

  2. Nchinda Bella says:

    This speed in this game was phenomenal. From beginning to end. Players were all in speed. Much respect to both teams

    • Jorge Avelar-Lopez says:

      I feel like this is usually the case whenever Barca plays Bayern. Unfortunately, it seems like Bayern are the only ones who are clinical :/

  3. Renegade of Funk says:

    As a Manchester City fan who was sad to see Sane go, it warms my heart that he is finding his consistent form and a new dimension to his game playing on the right or through the middle.

  4. Reid Pattis says:

    I’m very pleased to see Barcelona‘a growth as a team. It really felt like we were actually competitive, and It’s no easy feat to make Bayern work hard for that win.

  5. Wisco9er says:

    I really hope Barcelona doesn’t change this rhythm. They were absolutely phenomenal and any other day could have taken their chances. They shouldn’t be sad with this defeat.

  6. Nathaniel Chong says:

    i am aware barca was a bit unlucky/unclinical in the first half, but the defense from bayern today was amazing. barca has come a long way from the 8-2, but i still think bayern is the better team, even if barca might have better individually talented players up front, as in the players have a deeper bag of tricks, but that said, bayerns defense was very solid tonight

    • Cat Black says:

      @Damian Ruiz lmao you dont get the point here. There’s no such thing as if barca convert all their chance 💀It’s like saying if bayern dont miss their shot it would be easy W. Btw barca got more shot than bayern but they cant score for shit. So even if barca can convert their clear chance, its likely bayern would still win cuz they have a better converting rate and they legit score from normal chance and corner.

    • Tai Lung 唐龍 says:

      Barca doesn’t have better or more talented attackers. Bayern has the best and highest scoring attack over the past 10+ years. Right now Barca’s attack is Lewandowski, Torres, Dembele, Ansu Faro and Raphina. Bayern attack is Sané, Coman, Gnabry, Davies, Müller, Musiala, Mané, Tel

    • Chevon Petgrave says:

      @Croatian Kid consider this before you get to happy and on cloud 9 (since thats what you keep repeating) Barca this season averages 4 goals a game against teams that park the bus with everybody behind the ball and defend for their life. Against a far more open Bayern , Barca missed 4 if not more chances that Bayern could do nothing about, chances they normally put away including Lewandoski. If I were you, I would take this Bayern home win with some respect lad.

      Second half bayern opened up some in the attack but they definitely were different in their approach.

      Bayern took advantage of their opportunities but they were far less of them overall. They also played very conservative in the first half with their wing backs because they respected tha front three of barca. We know davies especially is a huge part of bayerns attack and overlaps goes forward far more than he did against Barca.

      In the 8-2 win they went for Barca’s throat. In this game they played with far more respect for this new look team.

    • Didier Vasquez says:

      @gioontherim of course, obviouSly u dont speak sarcasm

  7. Dr Weir says:

    As a Barcelona fan, I’m actually proud of how the team played. You can really see the difference in team confidence and playing ability compared to two seasons ago. Xavi has done amazing with getting Barca back on track and you have to give Bayern credit for winning the game.

  8. Andy Saravia says:

    The way sane scored brought back memories of robbens goal vs dortmund in the final

    • Tai Lung 唐龍 says:

      Actually, it brought back even more memories of Messi’s goal (of all people) against Real Madrid on 2010/11. The irony.

  9. Coby Lefkowitz says:

    what an amazing atmosphere, can’t imagine getting to be in a stadium for a game like this!

  10. Roberto Lopez says:

    I love watching Sané play today. Feels weird that he dosen’t get more attention, but hopefully this helps put him on track to a great season.

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