Driving Tesla Cybertruck: Everything You Need to Know!

Driving Tesla Cybertruck: Everything You Need to Know!

Behind the wheel and every detail and spec of the new “Beast Mode” Cybertruck from Tesla!

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0:00 The Numbers/Specs
3:42 Differences vs the Original Cybertruck
4:30 Removable Aerocap Wheel
6:12 Pointy Stainless Steel/Build Quality
8:12 Powered truck Bed and Tonneau Cover
13:00 Doors with no handles
14:53 The Nose/Frunk
16:55 Ridge (Sponsor)
17:34 Interior Layout
22:16 The Back Seat Trick
23:54 Vehicle Controls + Steering Wheel
28:56 The Insane Steering
30:57 Driving the Cybertruck
35:43 World’s Largest Windshield Wiper
36:17 800V System
37:18 Range Extender
37:57 Final Thoughts

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31 Responses

  1. @tayzonday says:

    This is what EVERY car looked like before 3D games had more polygons! 💻

  2. @StonedAlone13 says:

    There are some things the Cybertruck does that I hope catches on with other manufacturers. Specifically, the headlight placement. It’s nice and low, which is great because every truck has their headlights at EXACTLY FUCKING EYE LEVEL with every other driver on the road that’s not also in a truck.

    • @LukeIngels says:

      Idk if truck people will like the fact that it doesn’t blind other drivers, because that’s part of the fun for them

    • @WhiteWolfos says:

      ​@@LukeIngels no it’s not. I like bright lights so I can see but I hate blinding drivers because it’s scary driving at night and not knowing if they are going to crash into you going on a opposite 2 lane. For that reason I keep the normal low and fog lights high to minimize blinding but also letting me see the road. The cybertruck is great that it has brights but facing downward.
      Yes there are some jerks on the road that tailgate and blind people but that’s not limited to trucks. Plenty of sedans and SUVs do that as well however it’s not the majority of people.

    • @nono-yb1po says:

      @@LukeIngels You’re projecting your weird fantasy, the average driver isn’t like that.

    • @adityakulkarni104 says:

      I was literally frustrated by this last night in the rain because the F-150 kept tailing and blinding my side mirrors in my low Camry

    • @timbims says:

      More and more 2024 and 2025 models from BMW, Audi, Hyundai and other are showing lowered headlights already.

  3. @stevemurch3245 says:

    You’re such a great reviewer. Super comprehensive and balanced. This truck isn’t for me as I’m not a truck buyer, but I can now better understand the appeal and innovation here. Great overview thanks.

  4. @craigkovatch7564 says:

    I would have liked to hear a lot more about usability, e.g. many people have expressed concern that reaching over the bed is going to be too difficult for getting things in/out. It would be great to hear some followup from you about that kind of thing.

    • @calebharris4127 says:

      He stated that he has this on order and will go into this exact thing

    • @boxsterman77 says:

      We must sacrifice all for daring design.

    • @ZachPetersen says:

      I’m not sure how much credence to give to the idea of the bed being difficult to reach over to retrieve things. Trucks are massive in the US especially with the rate at which people lift them to express how cool they are. You can barely reach over and get stuff out of the bed of a stock F250.

    • @flurpoid says:

      ​@@ZachPetersenYeah I’m a pretty tall guy and even I struggle to reach into a Chevy 2500 bed. A little folding step side for this thing would actually be kinda cool.

    • @rjherche says:

      it has air suspension that can lower the vehicle.

  5. @kodisbears says:

    Great, honest review, Marques. I’m curious, one of the best features shown originally was the pullout ramp from the tailgate. I’ve yet to see it shown or discussed on any of the RC or production models. They drove the ATV up it in the original announcement. Are there any foot holes or is the ramp still there for the production model?

    • @HenryLoenwind says:

      The ramp is cancelled. They said it would have made the tailgate too heavy to handle.

      Not that unexpected, to be honest. The prototype’s ramp was really flimsy and slim, and you could see them struggle to pull it out because it had no guiderails.

  6. @thevastidious says:

    I’m in the ‘it’s ugly’ camp overall, but the power, features, tech and everything else is amazing. I’m not sure I’d go out and buy one, but I’d certainly keep it if it was given to me. But I’d probably stick with my Land Rover LR4 for now. 🙂

  7. @YHK_YT says:

    30:06 I feel like this scene would’ve been so much better if the f150 lightning and the cyber truck both stopped where they started the turn, would’ve shown how much of a difference there is between both of them

    • @russellpuff1996 says:

      You can see the difference when the Lightning is turning off camera and the CT stays within frame.

    • @jamesgaines6468 says:

      Thank God it wasn’t just me. I watched it like five times to make sure i was not crazy. It’s extremely hard to tell any difference in that visual

    • @seansotir says:

      what difference? There is barely any difference

    • @petervasta9262 says:

      I was expecting that, and then when it didnt happen, I was thinking to myself, wait, wtf..

    • @CapScreenplay says:

      Ackshually if both cars just do 360 and stop where they started, they would be in the same position and there would be no difference.
      The main difference is visible on the 180 degree point, on the other side of the turn.

  8. @THGL01 says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned it yet, but when the Delorean was delivered, they gave you a pair of white gloves to touch your car so you wouldn’t leave fingerprints. Also, I’d be surprised to see a bare Cybertruck, I’m betting they’ll all be wrapped in no time.

  9. @billcasso5428 says:

    Great review thanks! We used to have an Olds Aurora that had a giant windshield like the cyber truck. It took some getting used to but eventually we never noticed the it. The steering sounds like more of the same. Once you get a few thousand miles on the truck it should be not a problem.

  10. @SpizzzYT says:

    this review was really really nice. love the thoughts and the editing, especially the filming, is wonderful. good job team!

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