Google I/O 2023 keynote in 16 minutes

Google I/O 2023 keynote in 16 minutes

Google made a ton of big announcements at its I/O keynote, including the launch of the Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, and the budget-friendly Pixel 7A. Plus, a bunch of new AI features, Bard, and updates to Android 14. Here’s all the news out of I/O. #GoogleIO #Google #Technology

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Pixel 7A
1:33 Pixel Tablet
4:05 Pixel Fold
7:44 Gmail Help Me Write
8:22 Google Map Immersive View
9:17 Google Photos Magic Editor
9:59 Bard Updates
12:29 Google Sheets
13:10 Google Messages and RCS
14:25 Magic Compose
14:57 AI generative & cinematic wallpapers
16:25 Outro

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47 Responses

  1. Desmond says:

    Years have gone by and the Verge always deliver the fastest highlights of every Tech event.

  2. James MacLeod says:

    Magic Editor is kind of insane! Magic Eraser is already a tool I use quite a lot.

    • Julio Sanchez says:

      Is it different then the one they just added to google photos?

    • Jason Baroni says:

      Not sure how good this is going to look in person for now, but I dig Google’s effort on it.

    • flying Aviator815 says:

      They really need to add that apple thing where you can just tap at any object/person at a photo and it automaticly cuts it and exports it.

  3. shashwat jha says:

    The only thing I gain from all these AIs is that my college work just got more easier and less time consuming.

  4. axa993 says:

    Well I gotta admit the tablet experience they are going for is the best I’ve seen. It’s a household device.

    • TeoSight says:

      It’s gonna be a revolution!

    • gadget00 says:

      they took the best ideas from Amazon Echo and the iPad and put them together, at a loss price just to gain marketshare. It looks promising; I hope they can make tools for developers to really make ‘tablet apps’ because if they didn’t, this is dead on arrival

    • LeetTreet says:

      I’m not sure what options would be available for stylus though? Think that Samsung still has that covered best

    • Marvin Chery says:

      @gadget00 why does everyone keep assuming these things should cost more. They are still making large profits even at that price point

    • Kat SpicErt says:

      And I’m very salty, because I _just_ got the Nest Hub Max and then I see this 😑

  5. Duckmasterflex says:

    Kinda sold on the pixel tablet, would have never thought a tablet would ever break the mold from apple. Love the idea of switching between Home display and detachable tablet.

    • LinusMLGTips says:

      Yikes, that tablet looks 5 years outdated

    • Duckmasterflex says:

      @LinusMLGTips I mean don’t all tablets look like tablets 5 years ago

    • Dani says:

      ​@LinusMLGTips all tablets look like they are from 5 years ago😂

    • Dulaj Dilrukshan says:

      I can’t stand with that bezel, maybe the pixel fold 2

    • Edward Ricketts says:

      ​@LinusMLGTips I think they’ve just followed their existing design language so it doesn’t look out of place with other Nest home products. I don’t think they’re expecting people to have one in every room, but they might have the smaller ones in most rooms, for example.

  6. david thompson says:

    Apart from the tensor g2, these are nice products. Hopefully tensor g3 is a sizeable upgrade in performance and efficiency, especially efficiency

    • OW says:

      It’ll have to be Snapdragon modem rather than Exynos in which case, that means price increases for the phones since Exynos was used to circumvent taxes in various countries.

    • chatgptricks says:

      Its gonna be on samsung 3nm process

    • SAHIL KUMAR says:

      And optimization

    • Freddy Bell says:

      Tensor G2 is perfectly fine.

    • The Nomadic Trader says:

      I work for them and use G2 chips in my phones daily, they’re perfectly capable of performing very highly with great efficiency – if you’re talking about running benchmark programs for points, then we’re not interested in playing those games. We’ll stick with enriching peoples lives with useful application of technology 😉

  7. Shellyman Studios says:

    The AI race is sure heating up. 🔥

    • Freddy Bell says:

      Which can be catastrophic

    • smellysox1 says:

      The only thing hotter is apple being burned

    • petef15 says:

      love how they posted the ai image and everyone was like ‘meh. seen it already’

    • Akshith Venkata says:

      @smellysox1Apple doesnt hurry up like android.They will always try to be the best rather than being first

    • Joshua Cheng says:

      And it’s not just OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Independent open-souce devs are up there with the big boys as well.

      Hopefully we won’t have to deal with “black box” AI.

      Maybe sentient AI will become the driving force behind blockchain, crypto and the “Web3 economy” while we mere mortal humans will just tag along for the ride.

      Hopefully we can coexist though and not try to snuff out each other’s existence 🤞

  8. Ginanjar Utomo says:

    The value of having Pixel Tablet is actually good. For 500 bucks you essentially got Nest Hub and a tablet.

  9. John Carver says:

    So glad Google is entering the foldables arena, can’t wait to try. And to ship it with a watch included is awesome!🎉

    • Anaïs Martinez says:

      I hope that now that they’re taking foldables more seriously as premium devices, we’ll get cheaper accesible foldables in the mid range phones

  10. Joe says:

    Thank you for this, Verge. I refuse to watch a full Google event. 😂

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