DUNE 2 Trailer Teaser (2023)

DUNE 2 Trailer Teaser (2023)

DUNE 2 Trailer Teaser (2023) Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Florence Pugh, Austin Butler
© 2023 – Warner Bros

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46 Responses

  1. Duval Geddie says:

    I’ve watched Dune 7 times already and it’s such a masterpiece. Can’t wait to see what Denis Villeneuve does with the rest of the first book.

  2. Scott Forman says:

    It’s not a teaser trailer, it’s a trailer teaser.

  3. sWooZie says:

    Didn’t like Dune the first time I saw it but the more I rewatched the more I liked it. I’m hype for this

    • Tyler Smith says:

      Yo swozzi hi.

    • Dark Highwayman says:

      I tried but I just didnt like it. I really wanted to but he took out too much cool stuff.

    • China shorts says:

      You’re into movies, art, etc. so deep… I bet people would flip for the opportunity to catch a show with you and then debrief after at Five Guys or something like that. You’d have a crew for sure.

    • Cubic Unity says:

      I am the same way. I tried to implement too much of my own thoughts of realism into this, but when I separated my opinion and let this world be its own thing, it’s a great film.

  4. JustDastardly says:

    Can’t wait to see more of this world.

    • Brian J. Carnevale says:

      I read the book decades ago. WY ahead of its time. The original dune movie was also ahead of its time

      So perhaps this is a continuation of the book.
      Have to look up who wrote the screenplay
      The remake released a coupla years ago was disappointing to me from the perspective of having read the book and watched the original film at least three times

      We will see. Planet of the Apes is also one on my list and the new Alien film and series will be coming up as well.

    • Muslim Response says:

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    • Max Loval says:

      @Scorpion no

    • Jordan Keith says:

      ​@jstuckless that entire series is effing wild until Brian started writing them. His father’s lore is amazing, his is just strange… like trying to “out-weird” what Frank did.

    • Magno Braga says:

      I sugest you to read the 5 books. The first movie was very according to the books. Is there even a enclyclopia.

  5. Dirty Butt Steve says:

    This isn’t going to be just a movie to go see. It’s going to be an event to experience!

  6. Nomad says:

    If this turns out to be great like the first one we could see this.being the decades movie master piece

    • Medou says:

      For me, this movie is perfect on every level. I’m a fan of the book and I’ve watched it 5 times.

    • Medou says:

      @Stinkbrain ShivamIt’s not even slow-paced! I don’t even get people that say this is.

    • The Nightmare says:

      @Logan Allanon It would have been better as a TV series. The movie told a lot through visuals, but most people will miss the meaning. Like when Paul and Jessica have been taken by the Harkonnen and are in the thopter, they briefly show Jessica noticing the diamond symbol scratched into the metal.

      This alone does not convey the full message. The viewer will almost certainly miss out on the various themes:

      Dr. Yueh had deliberately planted supplies for them in the thopter and scratched the symbol of the suk school into the metal. He knew that Jessica was Bene Gesserit trained and that she would see the symbol and deduce that he had put supplies in there to help them.

      Most viewers might miss this. They will see the symbol but not know its meaning. It’s also a missed opportunity to show how powerful and perceptive the Bene Gesserit are.

      I see the movie as the “cliff notes” version of the story, but if the viewer wants to really understand what is going on they must read the books.

    • Lee Howell says:

      @griswold Clark Haha don’t try the book then your head will pop….look up and you may find it, but you want be able to reach high enough to grab it for a ‘good reading , I’m afraid….no pictures of Frankenstein fighting King Kong either so you’d be disappointed anyways man…

    • MapleMaf1a says:

      ​@MidKnight slow pace so we can take in all the beautiful shots that everyone in the studio worked hard to create.
      But I do somewhat agree with you. The first movies feels kinda short despite being 2 hours. That’s my only complaint.

  7. Felipe Corpuz says:

    About time to have a trailer teaser for the trailer that’s coming out

  8. MrGarnhum says:

    Well time to rewatch dune in preparation for the trailer!

  9. Human says:

    The costume design is awesome for this version looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds and what adjustments to the story are made, I enjoyed part 1.

    • The Nightmare says:

      Kind of hoping they give Feyd Rautha hair and not have him be bald like the others. The shaved head look doesn’t fit as well for the role they were grooming him for in the book.

  10. Tommy Morgan says:

    Absolutely loved the first film. I loved the ambition and imagination involved.

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