Dunkey’s Anti E3 2022

Dunkey’s Anti E3 2022

No donkey kong, pointless.

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43 Responses

  1. PeteDorr says:

    I do indeed play games, including but not limited to: Balan Wonderworld, The Last Guardian, Knack and everyone’s most anticipated game of 2022: Sonic Frontiers.

  2. Ethan Henderson says:

    Another incredible year for the gaming. Lots of original ideas, never felt like I’ve played any of these before. That is to say that there is a grand total of 2 games im kinda looking forward to releasing in the next 12 months, 1 AAA title and 1 indie. Very exciting time!

  3. Winter V.4 says:

    No matter how good or bad Sonic Frontiers ends up being, I think most people can agree that getting Ian Flynn, the writer of the comics, to write the story for this game is the best decision they’ve made during its development thus far.

    • Jovani says:


    • GreatNegus says:

      @Nexus Mods Yuji Naka hasn’t worked at SEGA in over a decade. He left during the development of 06 cuz he hated being a manager instead of a hands on developer.

    • Nexus Mods says:

      True, but I personally hope since most modern Sonic games use the boost formula, I do hope they stick with the stage to stage
      platformer setup, at the very least try to make something close to the quality of Sonic Generations, & keep everything FULLY
      CONSISTENT after that!!! My faith in SEGA, Yuji Naka, & SonicTeam are ALL flat out zero, but I’m at least hoping for a slow burn
      for a while, with ONLY Tails & Knuckles for extra playable characters, only Eggman VS plots, & no more gimmicks…

      Or stupid ass aliens & timetravel bullshit, no more mephiles, or silvers & shadows, I honestly wish Modern Sonic was just Genesis Sonic taking notes from Mario for a change & realizing we are just fine with Sonic VS Eggman/Robotnik for every game & just new level variety concepts so we don’t do Green Hill for the thousanth time, & just stick with the modern boost formula they’ve been at least 75% of the time consistent with, & ditch the whole Infinite, Mephiles shit, no more gimmicks, no more changes, if anything what the Sonic fandom needs the most is CONSISTENCY, & I’d be really happy if you spread my message, fello videogame lover.

  4. GamingWins says:

    “Making Allen Wake 2, is like… if for some reason they decided to make a Knack 2”

    I’m sorry… Dunkey won comedy, it’s over. Nothing beats this man!!

    • Tomiply says:

      Nah, that joke didn’t make sense to me. Is he seriously going to say one of Remedy’s most famous games wasn’t popular? It’s like saying Nintendo shouldn’t make more Zelda games, because nobody plays Zelda. Yeah, makes no sense either.

    • Koala funny says:

      Am I right or am I right?

    • Uplifted Spirits says:

      Alan Wake is tied into the Control universe but I suppose few people picked up on that

    • Nicholas B says:

      When something’s a masterpiece then it needs a sequel, it doesn’t matter how few people played it. And that’s why there had to be a Knack 2.

    • Reno277 says:

      How do you misspell “Alan” when it was right there on the screen?

  5. Hambone says:

    100% spot on with Starfield. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • jonesjeremiah says:

      @Red Floyd agree with you. I was so excited for Fallout 4 because I had such a great time with Fallout 3 and new vegas and its quest design but Fallout 4 was so lackluster and soulless. I don’t care if it is buggy or the shooting sucks, I don’t care if the graphics are not the best, if at least they manage to have great writing I could have a good time. But I highly doubt it at this point.

    • Olivier R. says:

      No way Bethesda is going to create 1000 fully explorable planets. They can’t even make 1 country (Skyrim) without it bugging out. It’s going to be like 1 or 2 big city per planet and that’s it

    • squirty1345 says:

      @Red Floyd Fallout 76 is actually really good now.

    • pierre117 says:

      Starfield will be released with game breaking bugs, bad performance and constant crashes. Good old bethesda

    • XABY says:

      @JamJams no u are right. Morrowind/oblivion was peak

  6. _olympic says:

    This was the first “E3” that I didn’t really care about. I used to be so excited and watch every livestream, but now I just find myself sifting through game trailers and look at the stuff that I potentially care about. Dunkey’s round-up of things are always a treat though.

  7. hErBmAnDP says:

    I’ll never understand why every company thinks that every game has to be open world.

    • Corgore says:

      @Riko It’s open strand

    • Riko says:

      It’s actually more of an open zone type game

    • Tyler Deloach says:

      “Well we decided to make it open world bc open world games sell really well” basically

    • Red Floyd says:

      Back when open world was still innovative, I’m guessing the success of titles like TES: Oblivion, Skyrim, fallout 3, etc… had a huge impact on the industry.

      Then look at the ungodly hype surrounding Fallout 4 in 2015. You’d be an idiotic marketeer if you didn’t at least try to capitalize off of trends.

      Unfortunately, that means a more severe lack of creativity. As if tight, detailed, attention-demanding level design is somehow less satisfying to play than a boring sandbox with nothing interesting happening anywhere other than the same random encounters over and over again at unrealistic rates.

  8. Rahul says:

    Weirdly enough – even as a KH fan – I’ve grown to love dunkey’s rants on Kingdom Hearts III.

    • Dan Rob says:

      It’s because as a KH fan myself KH 3 was very poorly structured. They literally have very little story until the end, then 100 cutscenes and 20 boss fights in row.

  9. Mikhail Ali says:

    That cut into the heavy rain clip in 2:00 min mark made me spit my tea, quality content from the dunks as always.

  10. Cicco Bullet says:

    “Space, the final fun-tier”

    Dunkey really influenced every studio with his ideas

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