EFL Cup Highlights: Arsenal 1 Albion 3

EFL Cup Highlights: Arsenal 1 Albion 3

Albion dump Arsenal out of the EFL Cup as Danny Welbeck, Kaoru Mitoma and Tariq Lamptey fire the Seagulls into the last 16.

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34 Responses

  1. Underneath The Stars says:

    Mitoma is proving his level! I can clearly see this Japanese winger showing his impact.

  2. Joee Bloggs says:

    It’s so fantastic seeing how much pleasure Brighton are giving to football fans around the world. So many nationalities commenting on these highlights. I’m so proud of our club.

    • Javier Yagual says:

      Así es amigo lo seguimos desde ecuador y yo estoy en otra parte del mundo… Pero soy ecuatoriano.. saludos

  3. HIT says:

    Danny didn’t celebrate after scoring… still love this guy irrespective which teams he plays❤

  4. Bee🐝 says:

    As an Arsenal fan, Brighton played a high level football. Good luck and hope you guys can win this trophy.

  5. moaname says:

    An Arsenal fan here, congrats to Brighton. Also, Mitoma and Sarmiento are gems

  6. melzer 13 says:

    I normally watch the Bundesliga but Brighton has made me start watching English football again. They are a very interesting team and has very good technical players as well despite not being one of the so called “big club” or having unlimited budget like some of those oil clubs in the Premier League. I can really see Brighton being like Leicester in the future and be that one club that nobody would expect to win a title. I know it’s early days but i’m very sure Brighton will get a European place at the end of the season whether it’s the CL or EL.

    • Joee Bloggs says:

      De Zerbi was exactly the right manager to build on the firm foundations that Potter had laid. The club has been very forward thinking in recruitment, I don’t think the Brighton story will slow down any time soon.

  7. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Now I see why Brighton is doing so well in the league, I guess I hadn’t been watching them. I thought they just had trossard, lamptey, welbeck, and caicedo as their main attacking talent. Clearly they have a lot of talent on the bench too

  8. Conz Klips says:

    I’m a united fan and my girl supports arsenal so i was at this game, and wow Brighton played amazing. (forgive me for not knowing the names i mainly just watch my own team) but number 19 and 20 were superstars your defender number 6 held it down with big big moments, goalkeeper was sooo composed on the ball, you guys played some nice intricate football, arsenal had good moments to go ahead but wasted a lot of chances, Brighton however were very precise with every attack. criminal they didnt televise these games. thanks for the show brighton

  9. Cornellius Dimas Berlin says:

    Brighton is such a tough side to be beaten, also Danny Welbeck haunted his former club 🔥👏

  10. Bayron Castillo says:

    Vamos Seagulls los apoyamos en Ecuador y tienen un excelente equipo ojalá puedan ir a la champions ya q se lo merecen bendiciones y q viva el Brighton carajo

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