HIGHLIGHTS: FC Dallas vs. Inter Miami CF | August 6, 2023

HIGHLIGHTS: FC Dallas vs. Inter Miami CF | August 6, 2023

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47 Responses

  1. Moments says:

    8 goals, 2 own goals, 2 free kick goals, 2 assists by alba, 2 goals by Messi and Miami winning the match after being down with 4-2 till the 80th minute. That’s one hell of a game

  2. Blazed 420 says:

    I’m just going to say whoever made these highlights without putting the score in is brilliant. Don’t know why other channels spoil the whole thing for people who missed the match

    • Jack Goff says:


    • William 93 says:

      This is something very American. I don’t see many times score in NFL and sometimes NBA, which is nice as you said. Only YouTube puts the score automatically

    • Abdel Dada says:

      I deadly agree, I always want to say the same thing

    • Nicolas Real says:

      Football is a sport first and entertainment second. If I can’t watch my team’s game I will be on an app checking the score at every single moment. Pretty much anyone that’s looking for highlights on youtube already knows the final score.

    • Blair Fyffe says:

      It’s deliberate to encourage you to not just scroll to the desired goal you want to see. They get paid on engagement, and removing the score will encourage you to watch more of the match to find that special moment you read in the news. Agree it’s very annoying though and breaks the flow

  3. Saddam Ismail says:

    good game , good GOAL !! GOAT Messi

  4. Thatguy says:

    I love Messi I think he’s the G.O.A.T but I’m proud of Dallas for the fight they put up this game. What a game

    • Chick says:

      Same Im proud we scored 4 goals vs the goat

    • Mariusz Adamczyk says:

      True that. Dallas performed very well – in soccer the final penalty rounds are pure hazard and oftentimes if not always a matter of luck

    • Sezan Mahmud Shuvo says:

      @Mariusz Adamczyk grow up, penalties are full skill zero luck. That guy who skyrocketed has no idea how to shoot properly

  5. Yellowshield says:

    You can tell how Busquets,Alba and Messi they’ve been playing together for years, the way Alba is moving and created spaces is incredible. Messi might have the spotlight but those 2 behind him are making the plays. Barça Legends.

    • AGN says:

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Lionel Messi made it a mandatory requirement to hire those two *comrades*

    • zway says:

      I Hope Young mls talent can learn a lot. I mean these guys are European elite in terms of decision taking, where to pass etc. not like it’s the bar, but you can already see how the whole team plays differently

    • Jargeus Pechac says:


    • Семён Семёнов says:

      Я давний поклонник Барселоны и полностью согласен с тобой. Но и согласен с парнем, который ответил тебе про молодых игроков MLS. Это прекрасный пример. Играть в одной команде с богами футбола это мечта любого футболиста. Им есть к чему стремиться. Это даст большой толчок для развития всей лиги. Я из России, но сейчас с удовольствием смотрю MLS.

    • zway says:

      @Семён Семёнов yeah, that’s true. I did. watch the last few mls games too

  6. Jullia Capybara says:

    I haven’t seen Messi smile with this much joy since he played with Suarez and Neymar in 14-15. This is awesome!

  7. BaGo1907 says:

    I hardly ever watched MLS, but since Messi plays I follow the games. What a game, what a legend!

  8. bta0844 says:

    Messi has elevated their entire squad through his leadership and inspiration. His free kick to tie it up was world class, there’s not a keeper in the world that could’ve stopped that in the top corner from that distance.

  9. Michael Murray says:

    For those of you saying Messi is shining in an easy league, I guarantee you those two strikes will beat any world-class goalkeeper any day 💯

  10. I_Dawg123 says:

    After accomplishing everything in the sport, it’s beautiful to see Messi, who is so passionate about the game, enjoying himself, having fun, all smiles; the competition is still there of course but the pure joy he displays playing with his new teammates is something we never saw in PSG.

    • marc palaci says:

      agreed 100%. It’s such a priviledge to see him enjoying club football once more… haven’t seen this club level messi since Barca 2015/2016

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