Elden Ring DLC SHADOW OF THE ERDTREE – Elden Ring’s First Expansion Announced!

Elden Ring DLC SHADOW OF THE ERDTREE – Elden Ring’s First Expansion Announced!

Elden Ring DLC SHADOW OF THE ERDTREE – Elden Ring’s First Expansion Announced!
FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have revealed Elden Ring’s first Expansion Shadow of the Erdtree is currently in development.

Elden Ring Builds: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Builds
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Elden Ring Classes: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Classes
Elden Ring Wiki: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Elden+Ring+Wiki
& https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Interactive+Map

0:00 – Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC
0:10 – Shadow of the Erdtree Artwork
2:11 – Possible New Gameplay Mechanics
3:21 – FromSoftware Tweet
3:59 – Expansion Expectation

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39 Responses

    • Lex Luther S says:

      I say we’ll likely see it late summer to early winter.
      Least, I hope so.
      And damnit, give me a cool one-handed S tier attribute axe; I wanna play a murder hobo living in a tin can in the middle of demon dog infested woods.

    • Lucki Monster says:

      I am excited for this 😃! I think u r right that this is after the main story, but I think that is Marika on Torrent.

    • Kolby Williams says:

      @umber soul
      It could be a corrupted Erdtree. Godwyn is at the base of the Erdtree, tangled up in its root system, after all.

    • Godrick the Minecrafted says:

      Can I just point out that that is so obviously Miquella that it’s almost painful how you were hinting it might not be?

      Marika wears a black dress and has braided hair meanwhile Miquella wears a white gown (the same as he js shown to wear when Mohgwyn kidnaps him in the opening cutscene)

    • Kolby Williams says:

      On the subject of it occurring before Elden Ring, we know there was a tree in the Lands Between that was really important for the pre-Erdtree culture. It’s possible that the tree we see dying in the cover art is that one. It could be dying as the Erdtree takes over since the Erdtree is something more like a fungal parasite, as opposed to an actual tree.

  1. Gaming Robioto says:

    A screenshot and a tweet at a seemingly random time announcing one of the most anticipated pieces of DLC ever. Never change From Software. Can’t wait 😎

    • Mattias Calvignac says:

      @Gaming Robioto look man dont be a prick please

    • Mr. Bonezy says:

      FromSoftware is essentially what Blizzard used to be; it’s done when it’s fucking done, don’t rush them.

      Hopefully they learn from Blizzard’s mistakes and don’t repeat their mishaps, because honestly I really fuck with what FromSoftware is becoming so far.

    • BKInbound says:

      its not random at all its almost exactly one year after release

    • Travar 2.0 says:

      ​@Ghosty lol right.. don’t feel like your giving money to someone that deserve it…? They do..

    • Travar 2.0 says:

      ​@Ghosty lol right.. don’t feel like your giving money to someone that deserve its

  2. PrimarchLogarius says:

    Love the calm disposition. No ‘hype’ to get views. Simple and clean presentation. Always love your videos.

  3. David Mowers says:

    I hope it’s a sequel to the story. I think it would be cool to have a dlc that revolves around some of our end game choices. It would be hard, however, I know from could pull it off.

    • XxWillScarletSoundxX says:

      ​@Frederic Beaudet I mean I like the idea of continuing the story of Elden Ring after the Age Of Stars and Frenzied Flame endings, but if FromSoft are gonna do that I’d rather they just make separate sequel games for that instead. To me it seems kinda dumb to lock DLC expansions behind beating the whole game.

    • Xerxes says:

      I mean they kinda did it before as in ds3 the ringed city is the end of the series canonically.

    • Frederic Beaudet says:

      @blrolz You just go to the Radagon arena after completing the game and select the path you want. Letting you pick any that you completed already.

    • Lobsta Lova says:

      Maybe do a DLC for each ending

    • TheSamBehindTheSlaughter says:

      Its most likely gunna be like dark souls. Add to the lore but adds alot more questions new fights a new area new weapons etc

  4. stiimuli says:

    I want a way to fight bosses that disappear after they’re defeated without having to start a new character or go NG+.
    Like a farmable or purchasable “spirit echo” item that resurrects a ghostly version of the scenario without any exp or drops from it.

    • Kr0w_ grayman says:

      Or add the boss rush and boss replays like in Sekiro

    • AnthonydoesYT says:

      I’d like a method to simply revert them back to their original form. Many here mentioning bonfire ascetics but keep in mind bonfire ascetics up the difficulty of the boss and raise it to NG+1(adding a NG+ cycle with each use) and idk about you guys, but I would definitely like a way to replay the same NG+0 bosses more than 7 times without them being upgraded each respawn. I’m fine with them dropping nothing at all or being a part of some Boss Rush mode

    • Diroj Snimons says:

      They really should bring back bonfire ascetics.

    • Meta says:

      Maybe bring back the bonfire ascetic from ds2?

    • Frederic Beaudet says:

      That, but also for coop. I’d like to take on bosses with friends without having to be in either of our words. Like an arena but for PVE. Maybe with waves of enemies and ending with a boss.

  5. Beato the Elder says:

    The lacy design inside those large arches is used (exclusively?) in Liurnia’s architecture. The arches of the pavilions (the little “buildings” littered around the Lake like the one we meet Zorayas in) and railings around Raya Lucaria Academy both have the same exact detailing. So far I can’t seem to find anything similar in any other area so… food for thought.

    Edit: Also, those appear to be two trees, not just the Erdtree. One is strangling the life out of the other.

    • Érick says:

      I also noticed that the design of the buildings resembled Liurnia’s the most. Maybe this is indication that the DLC takes place in the far future, when Liurnia isn’t even a lake anymore and the buildings are all that is left?

  6. Jarrod Terrington says:

    I wonder if that tree in the background isn’t the Erdtree, but the Helphen. The Helphen is mentioned only once or twice in item descriptions, and is stated to be a Erdtree like tree that can only be seen by the dead who died honorably. In fact, the Helphen even grants those who died in battle its own version of grace. Perhaps the Helphen is the shadow of the Erdtree in someway. It would also somewhat explain who seems to be Miquella riding the torrent like creature; Miquella is not alive, its just the realm of the dead and spirits we are seeing in the screenshot. Another thing I’m adding after this is that in a few mythologies, the afterlife is a sort of field of wheat, which we see presumably Miquella riding in.

    Just some wild speculation lol. Its probably more likely that this is set in the future after the flames of ruin upon the Erdtree have passed and what we see in the image is what remains of the Erdtree. Perhaps the golden liquid is its sap, presenting the idea that new crystal tears may be forming. Or maybe it is the Great Tree, and it takes place in the past, and it is Marika we are seeing on Torrent.

    Edit: For the Helphen theory, this is the item that mentions it.
    Helphen’s Steeple (greatsword):
    “Greatsword patterned after the black steeple of the Helphen, the lampwood which guides the dead of the spirit world.
    The lamplight is similar to grace in appearance, only it is said that it can only be seen by those who met their death in battle.”

    Edit 2: thanks to ehampus94 for pointing this out. I’ve simply copy and pasted my reply to him here so its easier for others to see, as its another factor of my Helphen theory, albeit outside of the lore. I’m so glad people has seen this. Has sparked up some great discussion.
    “Yeah it does suit Fromsoft’s style very well. Just look at all their past titles and DLC that involve this travelling into another world; The Painted World of Ariamis from DS 1, Artorias of the Abyss from DS 1 where you travel backwards in time, Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City from DS 3, The Old Hunters (specifically the Hunter’s Nightmare) from Bloodborne, The Divine Realm from Sekiro (where we fight the Divine Dragon). There is also obviously Faram Azula, specifically Placidusax’s arena which we are also transported to, a realm which is contained outside of time. Although my Helphen theory is heavy speculation, it is kinda on brand for Fromsoft.”

    Edit 3: Another out there theory, the figure on the horse is sorrounded by grain or reeds. There is literally mention of the land of reeds in game (where Yura, Onika, and some others come from, and where you come from if you are a samurai). Perhaps this is the land of reeds? Wild speculation but who knows!

    • The Plague Pimp says:

      I want this to be the DLC, with the helphen and stuff, but I think that yellow shit bleeding from the erdtree is chaos flame. So I think Miquella, and his weird ass femboy dream, is trying to show us what will happen if we become the lord of frenzied flame.
      Edit: Aight imma have to make a comment about my own theory now. I implore you to check it out. but the is already long enough, go check it out.

    • AVGVSTVS says:

      Nah, that second tree is the death blight tree that’s growing next to Godwin’s corpse.

    • Randy King says:

      This makes since and would explain why miq isn’t horrendously deformed because they are dead so they prob reverted to normal

    • Azure Bonds says:

      Your digging too deep as most people do for FromSoft’s DLC releases.

      It’s pretty obvious who the “shadow” of the Erdtree is. It’s Godwyn. He’s at the roots of the Erdtree and it looks like he is growing per say.

      Miquella is riding to meet her brother.

    • Ruben Orduz says:

      Excellent insight and precisely my thoughts. Miquella is not alive. Maybe never was since he was put to sleep in the cocoon? Maybe he “slumber” was was an euphemism for death.

  7. Sen. Steven Armstrong says:

    Honestly I hope they expand on Goldwyn now being this “Prince of Death”. Not only is his corpse practically infecting the Erdtree, theres also some crazy details about death/death blight being linked to the water that’s only hinted at. Like the crabs in the pond at the base of the capital being infected with it, Tibia Mariner being in a boat. Hell theres a video from Zullie the witch that shows Godwyns corpse is starting to form webbed hands and possibly gills. Plus the fact that there’s only like 5 death sorceries (2 of which being useful) is an absolute crime. It’s all just begging to be expanded on.

  8. ROR5CH4CH says:

    Can’t wait for this! I really loved the base game and since there is nothing comparable to a first playthrough with all the exiting discoveries to make, this will hopefully feel just as magical as March 2022 <3

  9. deathscythe4u says:

    In this expansion, I’m hoping for more madness items like grease, weapons, spells, and maybe arrows. They really didn’t have too many options for that route with only a few spells, a spear, and a shield.

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