Elon Musk: I disagree with the idea of unions

Elon Musk: I disagree with the idea of unions

Elon Musk sits down with Andrew Ross Sorkin at the ‘New York TImes’ DealBook Summit’ on a wide-ranging interview including anti-semitism, an advertiser boycott, Tesla, AI and more.

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  1. @randahl2398 says:

    “If Tesla gets unionized it will be because we deserved it and we messed up somewhere.”
    Ha take that!

  2. @lrvogt1257 says:

    Pay people enough and they may not need a union but that’s not what has happened historically. Working people have no leverage to negotiate as individuals against a multi million-billion dollar organization unless they have an organization.

    • @barrytelesford5265 says:

      the income effect suggest that people dont ever feel they are paid enough.

    • @joeshmoe8952 says:

      Everyone I know that works in the trades always wants to work union because they pay the best and have good benefits.

    • @dankz7061 says:

      So don’t work there and go somewhere that has the structure you like. Nobody is holding a gun to their head saying they must work there, so why are they entitled to holding a gun to the companies head saying they must work there on their own terms?

    • @dankz7061 says:

      @@joeshmoe8952 Not true at all. I work in a trade that has union and non-union workers. I make more money outside of a union because i’ve busted my ass to acquire skills that others didn’t work for and will not settle for an average salary shared among all who did not put in the same effort. I prefer to make my own path based on my own merits rather than a system of mass blackmail that lowers my salary in order to equalize it with those who do not put in the same effort. You guys can strike all day, i’m trying to grind.

  3. @rabidgoon says:

    I have worked union jobs and nonunion jobs. I am currently a business owner with no employees except myself. From my experience, the main difference between a union job and a non-union job is that in a nonunion job if you have a problem you are at the mercy of human resources. And if Rebecca in human resources doesn’t take a personal liking to you, you’re pretty much SOL. On the other hand, with unions, there are specific procedures that need to be followed if you make a formal complaint against the company. Other than that, there’s not that much of a difference across the board.

    • @bobpage6597 says:

      Union jobs also protect the shiftless and lazy, as in theory it makes it hard for a company to sack those not pulling their weight. But then again, Unions themselves are useless. I’m not a member of a Union, but I was able to have a rep with me during a dispute 10 years ago. It was a sobering experience on how useless unions are – needless to say I resigned from the company and haven’t looked back.

    • @99keltin says:

      @@bobpage6597exactly. I work with union and they can’t do anything about bad employees, beside doing something illegal, no one gets fired. It’s easier to leave the department or the job itself to get away from that employee than to get rid of that bad employee, even with multiple complaints.

    • @user-ux4gj1mq4c says:

      Completely disagree. I’ve done work government work with unions, and to get them to switch to basic autoCAD from other CAD software was a 3 year ordeal, and it took negotiations with two separate unions since the company has two independent ones. There were many workers as a result completed nothing for those years.

  4. @P0rkAdobo says:

    “Lords and peasants thing” said the billionaire 😂

  5. @peter-hr1gl says:

    Unions exist because companies treat their employees as ‘peasants’ and pay them that way. On the flip side people can be lazy and inefficient. If people were efficient in their work, constantly looking for ways to improve, and if companies paid them well and didn’t have the task master of next quarters profit figure dragging at them, corporate America would be so improved and there would be no need for unions. That nirvana will never exist because of greed and the ‘next quarter improvement’ mindset of how the entire financial aspect was built.

    • @joshuasmith9350 says:

      Overpaying someone creates laziness and contempt . If you are worth a price go prove it and get paid . Complaining collectively is not value . It’s a complaint . Solves nothing . Paying them more doesn’t make then more skillful. Does it

    • @GimmeACiggyYaGronk says:

      “People can be lazy and efficient”, yeah sure, if you believe what the companies tell you to think.

  6. @jooky87 says:

    The Chinese league, lol excellent analogy.

    • @kevinqi7992 says:

      he didn’t make an analogy, i don’t think you understood what he was talking about at all. he said that if he divided tesla’s competition into ‘leagues’, the chinese companies are the most competitive. an analogy would be comparing american EV companies to the chinese basketball league, which he wasn’t doing. do you have basic listening comprehension skills?

  7. @CPaulBreezy says:

    “We made many people who were working the line, who didn’t even know what stocks were… we made them millionaires.”

  8. @markeby6985 says:

    Unions have their faults but so do business leaders who care more about profits than worker safety and being able to make ends meet. I do agree with the lords and peasants comment, but that is created as much by executives as unions.

    • @phillipbanes5484 says:

      Worker safety? You don’t need unions for that. 😄

    • @bernardwongibe5118 says:

      – It is like most of you bring up Marxian-era arguments to tackle present-day issues
      – There are unions in industries where safety isn’t an issue.
      – Maybe your point on executives and unions further creating the lords and peasants framework is accurate.

    • @jacktinney says:

      if there is no profit there is no worker. worker safety and profit are not contradictory goals.

    • @markeby6985 says:

      @@phillipbanes5484 – I worked in chemical plants for over 30 years. You have no idea what you are talking about unless pure theory. In theory you don’t need unions if managers truly value safety. In practice saving money matters far more.

    • @markeby6985 says:

      @@bernardwongibe5118 – who said safety was the only reason for unions? It was just one example near and dear to me from my last chemical plant burning down and several people nearly being killed in other incidents.

  9. @JB-lp9xr says:

    If companies can make agreements and partnerships with each other for better market leverage, then so can individual citizens. Just think of your employees as little one-person subcontractors then try to argue against it while still pretending to champion the free market.

    • @katiecannon8186 says:

      Musk thinks the free market is when he gets billions in government subsidies

      Communism is when our government gives Grammy a few bucks a month.

    • @thefrenchspacer says:

      employees are not sub contractors words have meanings. does employees get no salary when the company made losses? no.

    • @l.w.paradis2108 says:

      ​@thefrenchspacer The CEO is also salaried. The difference is in bonuses and stock option value. The CEO of BP did not lose salary after the well in the Gulf of Mexico blew. In fact, he cashed in a ton of stock earlier that year. No clawback.

    • @Michael-nm2sf says:

      @@katiecannon8186 Point to where Elon gets “billions in government subsidies” please.

  10. @roberth1148 says:

    A union enabled me to save money,, get top quality healthcare for my whole family for life and retire comfortably

    • @startek1291 says:

      Tesla helped me retire comfortably, at 22

    • @Tiigerr says:

      Then the company you worked for was trash for not providing that without one. The difference here is Tesla provides great benefits to all their employees, including top healthcare coverage and stock options for part ownership in the company. The more successful the company, the more the employee makes.

      When a company structures itself properly all a Union is going to do is disrupt things, create division and promote bad work ethics.

    • @babetopaz says:

      Exactly, it’s just about fairness.

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