Elon Musk: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Elon Musk: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses Elon Musk, the influence he has over more than just his businesses, and the perfect place for him and Mark Zuckerberg to finally have that cage match.

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40 Responses

  1. @jlev1028 says:

    Elon is a prime example of why you shouldn’t hero worship someone just because they’re rich and did a cool thing. Rule of thumb: The higher their net worth, the more skeletons in the closet a business mogul has.

  2. @Need-You-Tonight says:

    This is arguably the nicest breakdown of Elon Musk that John Oliver could’ve done. John completely skipped over how Elon proposed the hyper loop, which was suppose to “replace highways”. Originally conveyed as the future of public transport, the project ultimately produce a small underground tunnel that people would take a Tesla Uber through. It was a thinly veiled distraction from a proposed high speed train in California that would have provided both a cheap and environmentally friendly option. I think that example ultimately encompasses what Musk has always been. A guy who is constantly spoke about as an innovator trying to save humanity, but always doing it by the most costly means to society that only benefit a few people and distract from the wider more effective sweeping changes.

  3. @CGingerbreadman says:

    I love that he tweeted about giving people their freedom back during the pandemic, but that “freedom” to him was people working crazy hours for him.

  4. @mufurr says:

    The good things Elon “did” were the work of mnay engineers that managed to build it despite having elon as a boss, not because of it.
    Nobody suddenly became a better engineer because they received an abusive phone call at 3am

    • @TheChronozoan says:

      Well said.

    • @Zipshysa says:

      Howard Hughes’ only company that didn’t lose money was Tool Co. because it was too boring for him and that’s why he never messed with it. Musk would be nothing without his daddy’s blood diamond money.

    • @bardoomguy says:

      No one thinks he hand built and coded everything that all of his companies have produced. It is also extremely unlikely that his companies would have found this level of success, if he was an ineffective leader. John Oliver’s writers are great manipulators, carefully choosing what to include and exclude in a story, to weave a narrative that fits the agenda they are pushing. If you apply some skepticism to what he (his writers) put into your mind then it becomes easy to spot.

    • @andybaldman says:

      You’ve obviously never been an engineer

    • @KylerMcGrath1 says:

      If it’s as easy as that then let’s create an electric car company

  5. @TheORGANEZIZED says:

    The fact that 50% of the active satellites are owned by SpaceX is a prime example of why you don’t let critical infrastructure in the hands of private companies. Because at any moment, they can do whatever they want, even if it flies in the face of U.S. security interests.

    • @ishaaandatta908 says:

      They can regulate them(they probably already do), nationalisation creates inefficiencies like you wouldn’t imagine, not a good idea. And handing off to the defence establishment, jeez, not a good idea.

    • @quincydread5204 says:

      LOL.. us security interests? u mean the war in Ukraine? how is that in any way attached to US security? Besides if you are truly worried about US security interests you would be more worried about our own porous border. before whats going on outside of the US..

    • @ilovu7790 says:

      no one gave it in his hands, he built it..

    • @haidenlotze7530 says:

      I feel this point, as with their “Mass to LEO” (excluding Payload Fairings, Geostationary Orbit Mass, etc) l, is a bit disingenuous.

      Yes Starlink has a PILE of satellites…but it is a Megaconstellation of smaller short lived satellites. Who has the most School Bus Sized Satellites, or who has the most Remote Sensing Satellites, etc is a more important way to look at things.

    • @haidenlotze7530 says:

      @@quincydread5204…because Isolationism is a myth that was proven wrong all the way back at WW2?

      And if you think it can work *now* where the world is way more complex and interconnected you are naive as fuck.

      You can’t just go “lalalalalala not listening” to world problems and just go after whatever Fox News et al need to use to distract the masses. Not only is there the Famine and Energy Crisis caused by the Invasion (not directly affecting us, but can cause more conflicts elsewhere), but also if we don’t stop them here Russia can *continue* to Bully Neighbors (re: Georgia).

      *Also* given Ukraine gave up their Nuclear Weapons in exchange for protection and so on…and if we don’t protect them…that is one hell of a case for Nuclear Proliferation, which *really affects us all*.

  6. @danielleuberroth1788 says:

    I would like to personally thank the robot dancer for the penguin waddle they did on their way off-stage.

  7. @Gouretoratto says:

    So does this mean we’re finally acknowledging that putting billionaires and corporations above the law is a problem or too early?

  8. @parasectx says:

    I remember a few other startup car companies trying to replicate Musk in the whole “preselling cars before they exist” thing. I think they all failed because they didn’t have billions of dollars to keep bashing their head against a wall until it started working.

  9. @erikkarsies4851 says:

    Mentioning the fails of Musk should really include the Hyperloop and Solar roof tiling. Both were introduced with enormous hype. And Tesla is still valued as as startup which they are considering their faltering product line and huge liabillity issues simply are not. The worry about that is that this could be become a bigger mess then Enron with again a small circle of investors just in time leaving it and society paying the huge costs. And don’t forget private valuation on a company is often very dubious especially in SpaceX where the company is one of it’s own biggest customners. So many people and companies need to start using Starlink to pay for the costs of the sattelites every five year. Especially if another project… StarShip isn’t that cheap as expected.

    • @extravagantpanda7962 says:

      Hyperloop was never a serious venture, he literally admitted it was a scam to prevent development of high speed rail in California ultimately to sell more cars. The guy is a moron, but he is an excellent snake oil salesman.

    • @_robosapien says:

      Sounds like you should go all in on shorting Tesla stock.

    • @joshlewis575 says:

      Tesla and his entire empire is built off of hype and bullshit. Yet people still eat it up somehow. The “solar city” scam is absolutely fraud. Imagine what would happen to a startup businessman if he gave that presentation and bloated their stock options with his fake roofs. That person would be in prison

    • @devstuff2576 says:

      Every human being fails. So I don’t get the point here. John Oliver has failed plenty times himself surely , you too if you have tried anything ….so what’s the point !?

    • @joshuabrunetta4656 says:

      @@extravagantpanda7962Haha I love when you clowns call him a snake oil salesman. Like you ignore the millions of teslas he’s put on the road and how he delivers government and private payloads into space more than 30 times a year. You should google the definition of snake oil

  10. @taesonslane2513 says:

    Not only could the submarine not physically fit through the corridors and corners, there are parts where you go out of the water and then back in. The submarine was completely useless and when the man let the reporters know that, Elon’s response was to slander him.

    • @seanbinkley7363 says:

      That for me was the first time I started to have a lower opinion of Elon as a person. That was so out of the blue (especially his pedo slander) that it started making me see the dude in a new light.

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