Emily Blunt & Anne Hathaway | Actors on Actors

Emily Blunt & Anne Hathaway | Actors on Actors

‘The Devil Wears Prada’ stars Anne Hathaway (‘Eileen’) & Emily Blunt (‘Oppenheimer’) take a trip down memory lane and remember all the best parts of filming the cultural phenomenon.

Variety Actors on Actors presented by Amazon Studios/MGM.



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27 Responses

  1. @55555gino says:

    The person who’s in charge of pairing the actors needs a raise. Each time is PERFECTION

  2. @ananastasja says:

    Just women praising women makes me tear up ❤ such an heartfelt conversation between two of the best actresses out there

    • @annakocol7116 says:

      but emily doest lmao, she fat shamed a woman on a talk show in the uk – irony

    • @AfroAdam says:

      it made you tear up because its rare…which is sad

    • @lucerach2305 says:

      @@AfroAdam Intended respectfully, but I have to disagree. In my personal experience, this is what friendships between women usually look like. I’m so disheartened by how tv and movies repeatedly sell the idea that women are constantly in competition or at odds with each other. I cannot relate at all. My friendships with women have always been about confidence boosts and build-you-up moments.

    • @Woodsaras says:

      fake af

  3. @ItzNRD says:

    Whoever styled both of these women, well done! 👏

  4. @dsgp7835 says:

    Emily is a movie star, a big big movie star, Anne was right in that prediction.

  5. @Marcelo-bf6nt says:

    “the room is better with you in it”. one of the greatest compliments ever given.

  6. @user-et3si8ms1s says:

    They are both so articulate in their language it’s incredible, I’ve never seen such an academic yet warm and wholesome interaction from both sides

  7. @3h2o61 says:

    Emily Blunt has always been this big, fun, earthy personality. But it is so nice to see the beautiful, rich, and mature woman Anne Hathaway has grown into.

  8. @BrunoLotta says:

    It’s beautiful to see how much these great actresses admire, respect, root for each other and show so much love when they are together. I’m sure how grateful they are that TDWP existed and brought them together. Annily forever <3

  9. @arpanmahapatra342 says:

    Whoever is producing these Actors on Actors is a genius. These pairings are incredible

  10. @miavangraan2042 says:

    Their friendship and genuine warmth towards each other is just so beautiful

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