[HOONIGAN] Ken Block’s Electrikhana TWO: One More Playground; Mexico City in the Audi S1 Hoonitron

[HOONIGAN] Ken Block’s Electrikhana TWO: One More Playground; Mexico City in the Audi S1 Hoonitron

In November of 2022, Ken Block and the Hoonigan team headed to Mexico City, MX to film the next installment of the Electrikhana series with the Audi S1 Hoonitron. Just over one month later, the devastating loss of Ken Block meant that the project was shelved – until now.

Block, The Hoonigans, and Audi continue pushing the limits of what’s possible in the performance EV world with Electrikhana TWO, sliding through iconic areas of Mexico City in Block’s infamously aggressive, rally-inspired driving style. Improving the car immediately after the first film, Block and Audi built on important development lessons from their experience in Las Vegas.

A BIG thank you goes out to the partners who helped make Electrikhana TWO possible:



Spray Nine




Toyo Tires

Monster Energy



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22 Responses

  1. @jucaviapri says:

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️ you will always be missed, you changed the game for the better and 43ver.


  2. @TheStraightPipes says:

    RIP Legend, thanks for inspiring us and everyone in this comment section

  3. @pe8268 says:

    Ending on the airfield probably was an intentional callback to the first Gymkhana movie but no one could have predicted how much of a full circle moment it would be… That’s when the tears started and then with the flashbacks montage over the credits the floodgates opened… This was equally mindblowing and heartbreaking, Ken got to seriously shine for one last time… What a high note to end on… Thank you Ken for all these crazy, wonderful moments over the years, taking me from a 7 year old kid to a full-fledged young adult, awing me time and time again with each new Gymkhana installment! Forever in our hearts #kb43ever

    • @A2KLAU says:

      Couldn’t have said this any better 🙏 I feel the emotion too 😢 I miss him. Tearing up just writing this. It’s hard when someone you look up to and respect isn’t around anymore. #43ver in our hearts ❤

  4. @Charlotte__Single__again says:

    the end credits had me almost in tears, such an incredible progression and just so many fond memories of gymkhana ❤ RIP ken

  5. @Viralbutnotyet says:

    I never thought i would actually pour out tears and find it hard to watch a Gymkhana. Thank you for everything Hoonigan Man. Rest in Peace brother

  6. @daver4172 says:

    This literally brought tears to my eyes. Never thought that you guys at Hoonigan had this in store for us. As a career long fan of Ken, the Hoonigans and everyone involved thank you

  7. @MonsterEnergy says:

    We miss you, Ken. Truly the greatest to ever to do it. #KB43VER 🤘💚

    • @davidlindsay8937 says:

      Hoonitruck. Best. 👌

    • @martinazofn6946 says:

      love fucking monster ! ! ! ! !

    • @gregorybolton says:

      He is was and will 43ver be the man , the myth the legend!!! Thanks Ken 43ver sending it thanks to hooligan 43ver bringing it!!! And thanks audi 43ver giving him the e-tron so all our emotions could be touched one last time, as if from the heaven where burnt rubber is the smell that’ll greet our noses with a smile,almost like 🌹 roses^^^ love you mom^^^!!! Miss you immensely!!!

  8. @Reality2Rediculous says:

    What a team of artists… Amazing! Who will step up and raise the bar the way that Ken and the Hoonigans did? and make it look easy, while also making it look so brilliant.

  9. @ByTheLightOfABurningDonkey says:

    This made my day but also made me cry. I can only imagine how hard it was for Scotto to do this. It seems like nothing until you realize decades pass and you’ve known someone that long then they are ripped away. RIP KB

  10. @backfireproductions4362 says:

    Impossible not to get emotional watching this, he made art every time he was behind the wheel, I’ll never forget the massive inspiration he was to me and many others for the love of rally and motorsports in general. Thank you Ken. We miss you.

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