Entire Goodhue Police Department resigns; mayor says she was ‘blindsided’

Entire Goodhue Police Department resigns; mayor says she was ‘blindsided’

Mayor Ellen Anderson Buck plans to meet with the sheriff’s office on Wednesday to discuss service options.


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36 Responses

  1. M/V Charisma says:

    When an entire police force resigns, there’s some information that they’re leaving out

  2. Brandon says:

    Anyone else remember when journalism actually got BOTH sides of the story? I would LOVE to hear the actual reason the police department resigned.

  3. Lanewreck1988 says:

    You cant be blindsided when they told you what the problems were. You were blindsided by ignoring them, pretending their issues and concerns didn’t exsist.

  4. Wesley Hempoli says:

    So to summarize: Something happened because of something. Thanks for clarifying the situation with your stellar news report.

    • ThatOneGuy_96 says:

      They clearly said all 7 officers resigned because of pay…. they wanted competitive pay like bigger cities.

  5. capq57 says:

    I’m having a hard time believing that pay was the sole reason, or that a mass resignation can happen right out of the blue.

  6. Nathan Smith says:

    You know that problems runs deep when the whole police force/department resign from top to bottom all at the same time


    A proper journalist would have reached out to the police officers to get THEIR side of the story.

  8. Kansas Bashkir says:

    There’s more to this story. An entire department does not resign unless there are more things happening than meets the eye.

    • Badpoison1 says:

      They were greedy. I don’t know what’s so hard to believe about that.

    • Josh S says:

      They cited low pay like $22/hr

    • Skankhunt36 says:


    • Crimson_Tango says:

      ​@Badpoison1This is exactly why we need both sides, because people like you just make guesses and state those guesses as fact. You don’t know what you’re talking about. The pay raise was a last ditch effort to get them to stay and they still said no. Maybe you should be wondering why that is.

  9. Painkiller Jones says:

    The lengths the MSM will go to NOT cover a story amazes me!!!!!!!

  10. Zigzag Killah says:

    Imagine getting the police officers side of the story …… just imagine actually getting a FULL story.

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