Kyle Gordon – Planet of the Bass (feat. DJ Crazy Times & Ms. Biljana Electronica) [Official Video]

Kyle Gordon – Planet of the Bass (feat. DJ Crazy Times & Ms. Biljana Electronica) [Official Video]

Official music video for Kyle Gordon’s “Planet of the Bass (feat. DJ Crazy Times & Ms. Biljana Electronica)”.

Listen to “Planet of the Bass”:

Brooks Allison: Producer
Jamie Siegel: Producer, mix & engineer
Chrissi Poland: Vocalist, Featured Performer

Video by: Loose Films
Directed by: Ori Segev & Noah Dixon
DJ Crazy Times: Kyle Gordon
Biljana Electronica: Audrey Trullinger
Biljana #2: Mara Olney
Biljana #3: Sabrina Brier
Produced by: Drew Johnson
Camera Operator: Anthony Codispoti
1st AC: Greyson Mack
Associate Producer: Desireé Levingston
Gaffer: Victor Beck-Hale
Key Grip: Elijah Jimenez
Grip: Max Fogle
Grip: Bruno Bunson
Swing: Sammy Lahiri
Swing: Jack Miller
Swing: Eazdan Hussain
Swing: Lucas Atha
Wardrobe: Déja Russell
HMU: Cora Lange
Alien Captain Costume Designer: Erica Stewart
Art Director: Katie Harriman
Art Assistant: Paige Harriman
Art Assistant: Lydia Loveless
Production Assistant: Elizabeth McLleod
Production Assistant: Sofia Longoria
Production Assistant: Maya Seri
Production Assistant: Victoria Souza
Set Photographer: Reilly Shrock & Maya Seri
Carpenter: Zack Richeimer
Painters: Erin Setser & Gabby Meyer
Edited by: Ori Segev & Noah Dixon
Animator: David Rivas
Animator: Ryan Walpole
Color: Ori Segev
Alien Casting: Brett Reiter
Choreographer: Tydrek Hill
Aliens: Chris Cope, Allison Gehring, Hannah Haseman, Emily Pi
Special Thanks:
Central Grip and Lighting
Central Scenic
Roger Phelps
Archival Footage Courtesy; William J. Clinton Presidential Library and National Archives
Solar System Scope
Aung on Sketchfab

When the pleasure is a dream
On a secret love
And the people wanna make a fun
We are losing control on a floor tonight
Take your heart into a unicorn

If the sky is not green
But The sky is a blue
Have a passion in a million way
Touch it make it twice before I cry
Heaven is a time today

Na na na na na na na na na na

All of the dream
How does it mean
When the rhythm is glad
There is nothing to be sad

Danger and dance
Clapping the hands
When we Out in the space
On the Planet of the bass

Life, it never die
Women are my favorite guys
Sex, I’m wanting more
Tell the world, stop the war

Hear the bass go zoom
Have a body feel the groove
Cyber system overload
Everybody Movement.

All of the dream
How does it mean
When the rhythm is glad
There is nothing to be sad

Danger and dance
Clapping the hands
When we Out in the space
On the Planet of the bass

Phone Call
*1995 motorola ringtone sound effect*
DJC: Hello are you at phone
Girl: Yes it’s true, yes it’s true
DJC: Are you the girl of love
Girl: Yes I am a girl
DJC: I love you and feel groove
Girl: I love you too
DJC: I want the sex on the phone
Girl: I am so alone in the night
DJC: Goodbye
Girl: Goodbye
DJC: and tonight I will never die
Girl: That is good to me as well as that

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37 Responses

  1. Drew Gooden says:

    this is a work of art

  2. My Brian Hurts says:

    The fact this didn’t win Eurovision 2005 still upsets me, but I’m so glad DJ Crazy Times is getting the recognition he deserves after 18 years!

  3. Chelsea Thrasher says:

    The moment when Biljana changes back into her iconic outfit from the first video is the moment that proved that, yes, it IS possible to be nostalgic for two weeks ago. A pure triumph.

  4. CircleToonsHD says:

    i feel as though my body unlocked a new type of sense just to fully take in this video

  5. Johnnie Guilbert says:

    This will truly make the world have peace

  6. Brownd says:

    Escuché este tema por primera vez hace 20 años en una fiesta en Buenos Aires. Todo el mundo saltó a bailar de inmediato en una explosión de euforia nunca antes presenciada. Por una noche toda esa gente vivió la verdadera paz mundial.
    Gracias DJ Crazy Times por musicalizar el mejor cumple de 15 de mi vida.

  7. Macro says:

    I hope this unironically hits #1 on the charts

  8. Emma Tolkin says:

    I’m a 90s kid from Lithuania. Guess what? We did not learn English right after the fall of communism, but we listened to these gems. There is a VCR tape of me in a tank top all sweaty and out of breath dancing and singing like Ms. Biljana Electronica while on a bed with my other cousins. Those were the good times. We were like 7 years old.

  9. right where you left me says:

    My mom used to play this when she would take us to school 30 years ago.. Now we get to listen to it again & it brings back all the memories, the good & bad, and it also gives you a feeling of nostalgia you’ll never forget. My mom is happy & so am i.

    • jhindupur says:

      Your mom is happy and so are you, because you understand that the rhythm is glad and there is nothing to be sad.

  10. Carlos Carvalho says:

    Na minha época, essa música foi um hit estrondoso no Brasil. Muitas memórias boas e sensuais ao som de planeta of the bass

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