EVERY Single NEW Feature Added In The Chop Shop DLC | GTA 5 Online Weekly Update

EVERY Single NEW Feature Added In The Chop Shop DLC | GTA 5 Online Weekly Update



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39 Responses

  1. @subscribefortacos says:

    Here is your Weekly Update video including all of the things added in the Winter DLC “Chop Shop” What do you think of this new DLC so far? More vids coming throughout the day!

  2. @galacticdirt2925 says:

    I absolutely love that they finally decided to let players own police vehicles

  3. @Ariffin958 says:

    FYI, there is also passive income if you buy the tow truck and the wall safe upgrade, so keep in mind. Avoid the staff upgrade unless you have spare money, so keep in mind. Should work like the one in the Auto Shop. This comment is for beginners only

  4. @karlhooker7415 says:

    Just done the Cayo Perico start to finish (exactly the same way Taco does it) and I only noticed one small change.
    It the intel gather mission, when you steal the plane to fly to the island, the driver side door is no longer stuck open. This is excellent for my OCD 😂

  5. @FrostyOkie says:

    I regret choosing the most expensive location. Hard to get into shop, gang attack could spawn, and cars don’t always spawn next to you

    • @alejandrofabregas3367 says:

      Pretty insane how i never choose the most expensive and me thinking cause its near my other businesses ill buy it cause i got money and i have just been having a horrible time with it

    • @lobotomyscam1051 says:

      Haha. Can a brother get some F’s?

    • @gretzkyz says:

      Thanks for the tip. I bought one in the middle of the city and it’s no scrap yard, lol. It’s an alley with terrible access 🤣. So I was going to move it until now. But I might just keep it.

    • @KingpinGTA says:

      I got that one too. I haven’t done much but upgrade it all. The most expensive facility next to the casino is amazing. I try to orb 3x per day

    • @sirsplintfastthepungent1373 says:

      This is the case for almost every property. The cheapest are too far away, and the most expensive are always difficult to get into.

      Rockstar is Scottish, so you must be thrifty, but not cheap.

  6. @MemphisMo says:

    The Range Rover was on my very short list along with the Escalade V and that 96 Impala SS was an AMAZING surprise but I’m still hurt about no new Dubsta AKA G55/63… it’s got to be one of the most requested vehicles in the community. The Turismo and the chop shop are the only things I’ll have to purchase currently but that drip feed of new cars is going to drain me.

    • @sammi6933 says:

      When will the drip field likely come out

    • @skeishu6806 says:

      @@sammi6933it’s always on thursdays so expect cats until mid January-early February

    • @scooby4229 says:

      hoped they added the helicopter from days gone and they added the annihilator stealth, then hoped they added bullet proof new escalade then they added that, I then hoped they added a new version range rover and they just added this.. 😂 what you all want me to hope next?

    • @drivewithpaul7671 says:

      I’d me mad in love with an armoured G63!!!!

  7. @rikitikitavi7454 says:

    Top tier. I appreciate the time and effort put into the vids 🤙🏿

  8. @hotwheelshuntinguk says:

    The car selection for this update is quite nice! Loving the Infiniti and the Camry

  9. @KK-88 says:

    The new Grotti drives so damn nice! Liking the new Declasse Impaler LX but I just love them type of muscle cars anyway. The Vigero ZX and Dominator are pretty cool but I still prefer the roof up. Best feature so far… The garage organizer!

  10. @UltimatelyEverything says:

    So far so good this is a solid DLC it’s a W from me still would have liked to have a heist with this DLC as well but it’s all good.

    • @cniplus9549 says:

      yeah Ultimately this is definitely a BIG W for me too… so much that I got to figure out a new rotation to hustle and get money.. Im really happy that the chop shop isn’t in just one location like earlier thought… I got mines right next to my other businesses and haven’t been off this game since this morning 😂

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