The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

The sky’s the limit

Written by Alana Hagues:
Video by Felix Sanchez:

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch May 12th, 2023

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37 Responses

  1. Callum Rye says:

    This game looks absolutley massive!

  2. platinum phantom says:

    What a masterful sequel from Nintendo. I can’t wait to pour hundreds of hours into Tears of the Kingdom!

  3. Siffegy says:

    Its absolutely amazing, like experiencing the first game all over again but much more creative

  4. Alejandro Ramírez says:

    Felix, it’s so cool seeing you grow up in this channel. From small reviews to now taking the most important one of the year. It feels like your graduation 🎓. Congrats!

    Also, can’t wait to play TOTK 🤩

    • GeneticJen says:

      I agree Felix is kicking ass and did great on this video but note this excellent review was by Alana Hagues

  5. BandedHylian says:

    I’m so hyped to play this tomorrow 😁

  6. Dylan Girard says:

    This game will prove yet again that creativity will always triumph over raw power and graphics.

    • a mysterious viewer says:

      It’s insane that this game runs on hardware less powerful than most modern mobile phones and it’s still arguably the most innovative and next-gen title in terms of gameplay mechanics so far this generation.

    • juanra85 says:

      I think it’s pretty clear, by this point, that it’s not really graphics power but a sweet spot between art direction and optimization for a specific system. For example, many Nintendo first party games look better than games on more powerful systems, but also games like the last of us 2 are very impressive but that wouldn’t matter if it ran poorly.

    • Imufur says:

      yea for me games like this are way better than the “look at me i am so realistic and cinematic” dark movie wannabe games

    • BlaizeTheDragon says:

      @juanra85 It’s always down to optimization and understanding the hardware you’re creating the software for. I mean, look at jedi survivor. It runs like absolute ass on even the beefiest of PCs. If we’re talking consoles then look no further than Cyberpunk 2077. Nintendo knows exactly what their tech can do and will push it to it’s limit without going overboard.

    • tharani kumanan says:


  7. Amir Garcia says:

    Looks like Nintendo and the Zelda team have done the impossible and made lightning strike twice by delivering yet another masterpiece. And one that I entirely can’t wait to play!👌🏽

  8. Muki says:

    The biggest problems with BotW was the lack of legacy dungeons and the combat difficulty, both of which got corrected in TotK.

    • Galient L says:

      Don’t forgot the weak story

    • netweed09 says:

      Indeed!! 🥳👍

    • Maximus says:

      There still aren’t legacy dungeons and the combat is still super weak.

    • Pudin Keviar says:

      ​@Maximus the combat is only weak for uncreative people who is spamming Y

    • netweed09 says:

      @Maximus We just wanted the *Unique Bosses* and themes; something to fight for and live in Our memories forever. Over the totally bland, nondescript blobs of the last game. We were never going to suddenly get 1:1 Dungeons with say the Wind Waker thrown in also obviously due to Link’s enhanced Abilities and the Open-World nature. But they’re not that far off at all, they are very styled and have totally unique designs – that’s all we wanted.

  9. AlexTechz says:

    This review is really well done and adds to the hype even more!

  10. Kamala says:

    2017: Breathtaking
    2023: Tears of joy

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