Fake Cashier – Receipt Keeps Printing… Forever

Fake Cashier – Receipt Keeps Printing… Forever

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Ross @CreationsRoss
Kole @kole.clark
Jacob @jacobedwardowens
Rob @robalatorr

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39 Responses

  1. RedBaronMars says:

    the mechanic, who prayed with Cole and charged WAY less than the others, seems like a great fucking guy 💯

  2. xXLogicXx says:

    My man was a true Christian, not only did he help Cole with the requests but charged an honest price and ended it with a prayer lol, that was a solid dude.

  3. flaggboy says:

    With each Video, Kole’s goals get more and clinically insane

  4. Matt S says:

    That guy that prayed with Cole was awesome. He didn’t gouge him on the price and was extremely patient and nice. That’s a good guy right there

  5. David Cunningham says:

    So basically the fake cash register receipt is really just a normal CVS receipt. 😂

  6. Chase Ray says:

    Rob’s method to get the foot massage was actually genius and quite subtle

  7. Legoshi says:

    I’m really happy that ross hasn’t got caught up in any bs drama or scandals.

  8. David Cunningham says:

    In any other state, Kole would be taken in for a psychological evaluation, but in Florida, this is just normal behavior!

    • Perinne says:

      hi davidcunningham, have you become a flat earther yet?

    • My name is Stanli and Im a singer "yueeeeeeahahaa" says:

      yeah Im also shocked that no one called the cops on him, like people in the US really dont care that someone this crazy is allowed to drive a car

  9. Wild Willy says:

    The $90 oil change guy was the only respectful man. He didn’t rip Cole off and really felt for him.

  10. Derek L says:

    The guy charging $180 for an oil change is the real comedian

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