Fans React To Chris Rock Show In Boston

Fans React To Chris Rock Show In Boston

Chris Rock performed at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston days after he was slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars.

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16 Responses

  1. Joy Simpson says:

    Chris : You acted in a dignified manner and the world will NEVER forget how you composed yourself and continued to present the Oscar’s with grace ..

    • Rashad Howard says:

      @superjay14 I’ve loss all respect for him… he’s let his”wife “ who is clearly for the streets ruin his life… and the Oscars just showed how weak and controlled he is… where was all this aggression when Regina hall brought up the whole entanglement thing… it wasn’t there because Jada laughed at it…

    • Atrocitus Rage says:

      @Lee Neal Telling the truth straight up is reaching? Little girl if you don’t tighten up. He’s a ADULT COMEDIAN making jokes that somehow will take offense to is HIS JOB every ADULT COMEDIAN does the same. Will found the joke like everyone else did funny he only acted on it because jada said or did something

  2. Keith Allen says:

    Chris deserves to be highly elevated by all his peers for his stoic professionalism under such excruciating and humiliatingly circumstances! Chris Rocks🤙

  3. sirmikeypikey says:

    my fully respect to Chris. To handle the whole situation like that is simply brilliant. he could jump that train and talk in public about the incident. he could make smith pay a lot of money for his behavior. he could do so many bad things to make the situation worse for will smith. but he doesn’t. what a character!!! never loved him more

  4. DKnight says:

    When I think about how Chris was slapped I feel crazy about the way I’ve acted in the past when someone said something I didn’t like. This guy was physically assaulted and stayed calm and yet I let words trigger me. He definitely set an example on how to keep it moving and not let a negative situation dictate your character. I respect him for that.

  5. Put Your Seatbelt On, When U Ride With "Uncle Ray" says:

    Chris Rock’s has been elevated to even higher levels. Respect!!!!

  6. Pillmatic says:

    Good for Chris. It’s not like he was gonna rewrite his whole show in a couple days, just to please everybody. I’m sure there will be plenty of great material on the Oscar night in the future…

  7. one crazy8 says:

    Chris Rock is the epitome of professionalism. He was stunned for a moment took a breath and carried on unfazed. BRAVO SIR!

  8. Mr Model says:

    A lot of actors, comedians and musicians have had very rough childhoods. So glad Chris Rock found a way to safely ‘vent’ his pains, through humor.

  9. Abby Dollars says:

    Not only handled the incident with class at the Oscars, but he is just as smooth in how he is handling the fallout and keeping quiet about it .

    Sold out shows and jacked up prices ? Brilliant….

    He and his PR people deserve an award for how they handled everything , including this show

    Brilliant . Just brilliant

  10. ChocoKaylaRobin says:

    Someone who attended the show said he was emotional about the overwhelming standing ovation, I’m proud.

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