Jackson Wang – Blow (Official Music Video)

Jackson Wang – Blow (Official Music Video)

“Blow” by Jackson Wang Out Now! 👇

Directed by: Daniel “Cloud” Campos
Executive Producer: Alenka Obal
Production Company: Collidoscope
EP/Producer: Joshua Martinez
DP: Morgan Pierre Susser
Steadicam: Gerald Nonato
Chroeographer: Madison Olandt
Dancers: Kat Cheng, Alisa Okamoto, Jasmine Mason, Mike Tyus, Nick Pauley, Alejandro Perez, Joy Isabella Brown, Haley Jonae, Ryan Green, JM Rodriguez, Leah Hamel, Jake Kodesh, Tosh Tran, Victoria Neukom, Derion Loman, Natalie Klinge, Vinny Balbo, Jake Jakus, Renee Lee, Jessie Lee Throne, Tea Devereaux, Chani Bell, Billy Mustapha, Coco Joelle, Luca Renzi
Hair Stylist: YUKINA
Make-up Artist: Daseul Han
Make-up Guidance: Jiayan Zhao

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You taste like cigarettes
I hit it every chance I get
Girl you got me dripping sweat
You pull me back every time I quit

You taste like cigarettes
Your body feels like disrespect
Let you play me like an instrument
But I’m addicted to it yea I’m addicted to it yea yea

I felt her coming and I couldn’t escape
I’m in the belly of the beast again
My dirty secret that keeps me awake
Don’t stop now you got me ready to BLOW!


You taste like cigarettes
I got a problem think I’m into it
I breathe her in and hold it in my chest
I take a hit and let it burn my lips
Burn my lips (hey!)

I felt her coming and I couldn’t escape
I’m in the belly of the beast again
My dirty secret that keeps me awake
Don’t stop now you got me ready to BLOW!



You got me blowing away
I’ll do anything
Tell me what to do
Ooh ooh ooh

Twinkle twinkle where’s the star
Passed out in the back of my car
Blacked out from the night before
How’d we let it get this far?

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15 Responses

  1. MarkBam XCIIIXCVII says:

    I want to tell Jackson that his work is quality every work. He has both talent and a quality team so there’s no need to worry about anything. And I really like this work by the TEAMWANG!!!! it’s worth the wait….We’re always proud of you ♡♡

    • Julia S. Maithlie says:


    • อมิตา ศรีเจริญ says:


    • New Oppo says:


    • Nura Mirror says:

      So this is Family love 🤧

    • danass tree says:

      For me, the best part in Blow are the cinematic frames… so American style, not only for the actors/dancers but for this idea of a Broadway musical. I like the costumes and effectively all the guys seem true models… really photogenic. But Jacks’ visuals in this MV are 100 overload. And that grey hair, so 2022 style… Hollywood style. Of course his voice too is pleasant and surprising. I love it. Unfortunately… sorry to tell, but being absolutely against smoking, I still need time to understand better the lyrics. But anyway, Jacks is still my favourite artist of the last years and also my nr 1 MVs director of all times.

  2. Elizaveta Zakaraia says:

    Это действительно шикарно!! Постановка , танцы , клип, песня и сам Джексон как всегда просто великолепен! ВАУ !!!

  3. Giulssia Music says:

    Fue increíble, la escenografía o las coordinadas acciones de los bailarines, una puesta en escena que me dejó incrédula O.o y la música, lo visual de Jackson también 10/10 me encantó ♡♡♡

  4. Gaby Nascimento says:

    Jackson nos surpreende a cada MV, ele entrega tudo, sempre impecável. Ahgase orgulhosa aqui.

  5. Sapfire SS says:

    Шикарен как всегда, хотя этот голливудский флёр мне и не очень, но в исполнении Джексона всё шикарно!

  6. Queen Ali says:

    Gosh, this guy is so talented it hurts and him being in a corset is everything TEAMWANG never fails!

  7. Ольга Иванова says:

    Спасибо за субтитры! ПЕСНЯ ОГОНЬ!!!!

  8. Khlilu114 says:

    Божееее это шедевр, и танец и сама песня. Джексон я тебя обожаю, просто такой невероятный вайб от этого клипа

  9. Мария М says:

    Это нереально круто!!! Музыка, текст, клип – всё шикарно!!! Я такого давно не испытывала, просто великолепно!!! Отдельное спасибо за русские субтитры ***

  10. Stay Jay says:

    Команда Джексона молодцы!!! Клип вау вау бомба. А какие красивые локации. наслаждение для глаз. Всё динамично и быстро

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