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40 Responses

  1. Iker Unzu says:

    Scott himself calling Mark the king of FNAF… wow 🥹✨

  2. Sarcastix FoxDragon says:

    At this point Mark’s videos feel like sitting by a fireplace during a thunderstorm. He can be screaming and it’s just. Cozy.

  3. The Repugnant Gamer says:

    Don’t worry, Mark. You can always show up in the FNAF movie sequels.

  4. Zachary Beck says:

    With how much Fnaf *LORE* they would have to work with, I can imagine there being PLENTY of wiggle room for sequels that Mark can slip into.

  5. Rexotec says:

    “Chaos is the greatest tool for productivity that mankind has ever experienced”. Truly more ADHD words have never been spoken.

  6. TheDawnJay says:

    I am very glad that Mark didn’t compromise Iron Lung for the sake of the FNAF movie. The trailer was fucking BOMB, and I know the movie is going to blow my mind because of how passionate Mark is about his projects. I’d rather have a feature length Markiplier movie that’s polished to his standard than see maybe 30 seconds to a minute of him in someone else’s movie.

    • Troy Scribner says:

      I dont see why they would need him for three days for 30 seconds of screen time.

    • The GamerRist says:

      @Troy Scribner No it was to shoot the movie. Not the trailer. They were on a tight schedule, they couldn’t sacrifice days

    • Landon Letterman says:

      Anyone else find it odd that Iron Lung is an insane premise for a movie?

      One dude, tiny sub, can’t see anything
      What story can be gleaned from that?

      Feels more like a smokescreen

    • The GamerRist says:

      @Landon Letterman You’ll find out

    • Sonus Drums says:

      @Landon LettermanThere’s more to the story than a dude doomed to death in a submarine. He’s probably going to expand on the idea of “The Quiet Rapture,” whether it be with preceding events up to that point, scenes outside of the submarine, etc. There’s a LOT of content to be pulled from the main storyline.

  7. Shelby Maynor says:

    You can keep Mark out of the FNAF movie but you can’t keep the FNAF out of Mark

  8. Mr. Sahira says:

    Even if you’re not in the FNAF movie, your appearance in Random Encounter’s FNAF Musical will always be in our hearts lol

  9. Cole Kiesler says:

    I love the fact that Markiplier thinks that being the king of FNAF, he manages to deal with all the animatronics by predicting what is going to happen but then there is suddenly Foxy in front of the door.

  10. AnonymouslyAcurate says:

    Danm, we really need Markiplier in the FNAF movie sequel at least.

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