Mammoth Sneak Peek & Showcase!!

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All music is from epidemic sounds

Song Credits:
Artist: Trial & Error
Vocal: kikyow ( )
Words / Music : Sakagami Souichi ( )
Kanshou Resistance:…

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47 Responses

  1. yTowak says:

    Update 20 is REAL! 🤣

  2. Toxified Freedom says:

    i still think zoan transformations should have special effects based on wether youre in v4 transformation or not, considerably human v4 would pair nicely with the red eyes of zoan transformations like leopard and now mammoth

  3. chicken street says:

    The fact that the mammoth was designed faster then dragon made me think the dragon rework might be stronger then mammoth

  4. Mututal says:

    The fruit look cool and all, and I think it won’t be that expensive based on the moves and the mastery requirements, the transformation seem to be really easy to counter with almost any fruit that have range skills. I can see people skipping the transformation entirely in contrast to leopard because that thing seem to have no upside, only drawbacks. Without transformation, I see this fruit to be pretty useful with its Z move basically Dragon claw and the other 2 have potential to be combo extender while the F move being just a worse String F I think.

  5. Bully Maguire says:

    Nobody will know why this comment has so many likes…

  6. Cheetahgod360 says:

    I actually like how they actually tried to balance this fruit. I guess it can depend a bit on the real damage since he’s level 1000. But most of the moves are knockbacks and don’t stun like a leopard, that way you won’t get just one shotted by the fruit itself.

  7. Dum Arbon says:

    The downsides of this fruit are: big hitbox, if you dont hit a move the endlag might ruin you, countered easily

  8. ⭕️Free Robux On My Profile says:

    mammoth is gonna be a pretty broken fruit but i think the dragon rework may be much bigger..

  9. Zadies says:

    no way this has us even more hyped for update 20, finally it’s real boysss

  10. MrJayBlox says:

    Can the mammomth move in water without taking damage? That would be a good feature added to the insanely cool fruit!

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