Feeding Frenzy | Briar Cinematic – League of Legends

Feeding Frenzy | Briar Cinematic – League of Legends

After years behind bars in Noxus, Briar is starving for some action.

Video created in collaboration with Brunch Eddy.

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Feeding Frenzy

Music by: Two Feathers (Nicklas Hjertberg and Elvira Björkman)

Music Contractor: Noah Gladstone, Hollywood Scoring
Supervised, Mixed & Mastered by: Bill Hemstapat, Brendon Williams
Executive Producer: Riot Music Team

Briar Universe Page

Briar Abilities Rundown

Briar Champion Insights

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46 Responses

  1. TheTristan says:

    The animation team goes absolutely crazy once again

  2. PixelleHearts says:

    Having her weapon basically be both a restraining pillory and blades is actually a really neat design. It really sells the “become the monster they see you as” aesthetic they went for.

  3. Ducanh says:

    “She’s been fed!”
    Imagine if Briar is late-game type champ this would be one of those “famous last words” moments

    • Burning Shine says:

      God i hope she wont be

    • Motafu says:

      @Burning Shine why not? early-mid game champs are the worst and boring to play

    • FamishedPants says:

      @Motafu It’s true. While early-mid game champs are out skirmishing and being involved in objective fights, late game champs get to have all the fun doing nothing but what the game was intended for — Farming CS for 30 minutes until you become viable.

      Now they just need to make it so that matches last that long…

    • Target The Tank says:

      Since she looks Noxxian inspired (could be wrong) she may be like Darius and when ult is up be able to feast on an entire team.

    • NorthWind says:

      They said “She’s got blood”

  4. Barba says:

    This is the most violent non-violent cinematic i’ve ever seen and i can’t express how much i love it.

  5. Nocturno says:

    The style in which the graphical violence was handled was excellent, I wanna see a whole movie like this

  6. Cetitan Enthusiast says:

    Is it weird that I hope Briar and escape-buddy can somehow become good friends? 🥺

    Also, I find it interesting that escape-buddy somehow had the speed and reflexes to outrun some of her attacks.

  7. Gréta Fehértói says:

    Now someone has to make a comic of Jinx, Zoe and Briar having a world tour together.

  8. Pretty Hate Machine says:

    It’d be amazing if she only communicated through maniacal rawrs while on her unleashed form, but you can still hear her normal voice translating

  9. Vyllix says:

    Seeing this makes me want more Riot animation series, music and animation is something Riot will never stop surprising me with

  10. Isaiah ! says:

    It’s so sweet how she spared/saved the guy

    • Porosus ' says:

      No it’s not. Imagine saying that about actual murder case where one person wasn’t killed. And also how is it “saved”?

    • Watanuki says:

      @Porosus ‘ but this is not an actual murder case, it’s fiction, it’s pretend, I assume you’re an adult so you should know

    • Porosus ' says:

      @Watanuki I did wrote “imagine”, oh you adult-checker. But I missed the part were just not killing someone could be “so sweet”.

    • Watanuki says:

      @Porosus ‘ But that’s the thing, why would anyone imagine that? I’m super happy about killing people in League because I get gold and yadda yadda but in real life I faint when I see blood, it’s definitely not comparable. Everyone behaves a little bit like a sociopath when playing videogames, and of course people would think this particular video is fun if the tone they set for Briar was clearly given for laughs and not taking her too seriously.

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