these are by far the most intimate & vulnerable moments we’ve ever shared with the world. i don’t even know how to put into words how intense & terrified i was during my birth experience. due to complications, we were about to transit to the hospital. i held on for dear life, praying for God to keep me & my baby safe. after enduring 24 hours of the most undescribable agonizing pain i’ve ever felt in my entire life… my baby was in my arms 🤍

*please be warned that you may have to turn your volume down during the intense labour sounds😭 i still have no idea how i got through what felt IMPOSSIBLE… completely natural & unmedicated… but i am so proud of myself and truly couldn’t have done it without my incredible birth team. story time coming soon.

watch our birth video here🤍



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18 Responses

  1. cassieeMUA says:

    pleaseeee don’t comment baby’s gender so that everyone else watching can be surprised too thank uuuuu loverssss🥹🤍

  2. Daisy Marquez says:

    I cried so hard when you started crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

    Congratulations to the both of you!!🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  3. bubble buddy says:

    Cass had a damn near 10 lb baby at home, no meds. That’s freaking amazing

  4. brittany Marquez says:

    The fact that you birthed an almost 10 pounder for your first labor is INSANE to me 😭 you are so strong girl blessings to your family ❤

  5. johanna davila says:

    The way Eldon is so calm and is such a support is everything!!!❤

  6. Ivette Elizalde says:

    We all need a Laura in our life.! She’s an amazing person and the best friend someone could have. Eldon you are an amazing hubby. Cass don’t be sorry for sounding possessed. All that pain was worth it.! Your one tough mama bear. I’ve never cried for a complete stranger but this video had me balling. Baby Chevy is perfect.!! 💕💙 congratulations Cassie, Eldon and pups.!

  7. Kayley says:

    Eldon just set a standard for me when I have a husband. He’s so calm and has so much love and intention behind every thing he did to be there and support you thru this. You are going to have the most beautiful family together.

  8. Maria Castillo says:

    Seeing cass cry when she sees what she had has me crying with her omg 🥹 congratulations eldon & Cassie! Welcome baby Chevy!!!!

  9. Maribel Castellanos says:

    Literally balled my eyes out. I showed my Boyfriend who never watches YouTube and even he started crying. Thank you for sharing the most raw and intimate moments. We hope you heal emotionally, physically, and mentally soon. You are truly a Warrior Queen ⚔️❤

  10. Yarelis Serrano says:

    Like Laura said, “You are a legend”. Gurl, 9lb baby, without any meds on board? 👏🏼 I felt your pain, contractions are no joke! I had to get the epidural when I was 6-7cm 😢 Women are strong as hell

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