First Take bids farewell to Max Kellerman on his final show

First Take bids farewell to Max Kellerman on his final show

First Take bids farewell to Max Kellerman on his final show
Stephen A. Smith and the First Take crew say farewell to Max Kellerman on his final show after a five-year run.
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42 Responses

  1. John Ferguson says:

    This show needs him, definitely won’t be the same.

  2. TC Candler says:

    Max was the main reason to watch this show… An intellectual amongst the clowns.

    • Johnny Bravo says:

      I don’t think he was main reason… First tale been trash since skip left… Undisputed best sports show hands down…

    • Johnny Bravo says:

      @TheTrainingManual not inside d nba crew bro u trippin… He got good takes but let’s not go to far… Stephen a won’t let him b right Dow… Stephen a is mostly dead wrong…

    • neal mike says:

      He was entertaining..I’ll leave at that

    • ROMAIN WHITE says:

      Not because Max is leaving, we’re going to start disrespecting Stephen A. He is Mr. First take, make no mistake about that, Max contributions and respect is up there as well, but don’t diss Stephen A folks.

    • Marc Grossman says:

      @Vince Meyers belecek knows more football than anyone on the planet, and he agreed with Max

  3. Al Mills says:

    Max actually is respected more than Steven A on many levels , just sad to see him go

  4. moe says:

    Stephan A smith did my boy dirty, I love Max’s analyzations of literally every single sport.

  5. Saad Naeem says:

    This is what they do for this dudes last show? CMON. Max deserved a whole episode as a thank you. Man is a Legend.

  6. ThE Book Of SwantE says:

    lmfaooooo steph not there after 5 years hahahaha

  7. The Anxious Lifter says:

    Molly still interrupting Max even during his farewell speech. That’s dedication.

  8. ThatN*ggaJaren Jackson says:

    Molly still interrupting Max on his last day while he trying to talk about how nice it’s been working with her 😂😂😂

  9. DomTheBomb says:

    You will be missed Max

  10. T Rock says:

    I liked his approach to sports issues. It was good to see his “logic” style vs. Steven A.’s “feeling and experience,” method. Those two always had the best sports arguments to me. I will definitely miss the guy. Wish him luck.

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