42 Dugg – Bestfriends (Official Music Video)

42 Dugg – Bestfriends (Official Music Video)

42 Dugg’s album “Free Dem Boyz” out now everywhere: https://42dugg.lnk.to/FreeDemBoyz/

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Music video by 42 Dugg performing Bestfriends. © 2021 4PF/CMG


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26 Responses

  1. NoName says:

    It took him this long to drop a video for this banger?

    • isaiah reacts says:

      cant blame him he has to pay bills, cash your checks, and all that grown up shit

    • NoName says:

      @isaiah reacts he a rapper he ain’t gotta do nun of that shit but stack cash. Lmao. His managers and producers pay all those bills. You a trip bro

  2. Wicked Chicken says:

    That Detroit accent sounds so smooth

  3. colts nation says:

    Every time you hear that iconic whistle you know it’s a certified banger 💯📈

  4. MUSICSYNER G says:

    yooo dugg thats the detroit fire straight og hope to hear you and grip colaaaaabbbbb

  5. kennedy has no chill says:

    His voice so versatile bruh..

  6. LukeSR says:

    That custom Chrysler Hellcat by Khal SRT is so beautiful, I’m so happy you are putting it to use.

  7. No Name says:

    Song adds +50 hp to whatever ur whippin while on the freeway

  8. Marquis Beals says:

    I know khal happy has hell to see Doug sliding in his 300 redeye

  9. quanp1 says:

    Iykyk the best friend clique was wild in the 80’s in Detroit.

  10. Money Life says:

    I swear 42 Dugg looks like easy E he’s basically the new easy E RIP

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