Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Part 2

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Part 2

Who is Vanessa? Who is Vanny? Who is the bunny in Security Breach?
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46 Responses

  1. slyfoxybrazenboi Esq. says:

    Mark: *gets jumpscared so bad his headphones fall off*
    Security Robot: hey man you wanna have a map

  2. UhOhSpaghettiOs says:

    Chica: Clearly sees mark and literally chases him around the room
    Mark: Sits between 2 desks
    Chica: Must’ve been the wind

  3. Emily Pearson says:

    I just realized that the complaint from the angry mother about the “recycled” pizza is a nod to the chucky cheese conspiracy theories 💀

  4. milaisonline says:

    7 years of watching Mark lose his sh*t at FNAF, and I will never be tired of it.

  5. Nisa Rojas says:

    Markiplier: *hides where Chica can clearly see him*
    Chica: Huh, I could’ve sworn I had just seen him

  6. Skelly Bones says:

    I don’t think the game is fully polished with clipping and lag all that, but it did just release so I’m excited to see it get updates for smoother gameplay, and overall it looks pretty nice and I’m loving the voice acting and the animatronic design
    Also mark saying “hello everybody my name is markiplier welcome back to five nights at Freddy’s” gives me seratonin

    • Sophie dot says:

      @Haliax of the Chandrian I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. The game seems fun and I enjoy watching Mark play it but it just doesn’t feel quite like FNAF. The scares aren’t scary and the animatronics move too smoothly in my opinion. Part of the charm/scare factor of the old animatronics was how jerkily they moved. I definitely agree that this would’ve been better as a separate game franchise, even if they took inspiration from FNAF.

    • Hilvy Stewy says:

      The game is pretty good actually, but as you said, it need a little bit more of polish

    • stormchaser465 says:

      Remember when games came out finished? Lol what a relic of the past, who needs beta testers anyways

    • UnknownGamer40464 says:

      @Xendrick Does it fix the magic bs teleportation of enemies?

    • stormchaser465 says:

      @Xendrick the point is that these bugs could have been fixed *before* the game was released. People are literally hired to do that, they’re called beta testers.

  7. Mary Queen says:

    Mark: “I didn’t save!”
    Freddy: “Oh, how unfortunate.”

  8. Nova Shepard says:

    Gregory: “Day 87, they ain’t found me yet but when they do, they gonna be surprised”

  9. Shu Ryoji says:

    Game: Time for the meat.

    Mark: “goes for the not meat first”

    Classic Markiplier moment.

  10. Flyin' Japman says:

    I like how Freddy could have made this easier, but Mark forgot about him.

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