Fivio Foreign, Queen Naija – What’s My Name (Official Video) ft. Coi Leray

Fivio Foreign, Queen Naija – What’s My Name (Official Video) ft. Coi Leray

Official video for “What’s My Name” by Fivio Foreign & Queen Naija featuring Coi Leray

Listen & Download “B.I.B.L.E.” out now:

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40 Responses

  1. Brydell Cocky says:

    Oh yeah this finna be on every radio station back to back!

  2. Brandon Rice says:

    Man, the flip of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” into drill is done BEAUTIFULLY!! Fivio sliding as usual but Queen and Coi also finding great pockets flowing over a drill beat! Without a doubt, one of the best songs I’ve heard this year. Everyone did their thing 🔥

  3. __kikiadore says:

    I love the Destiny’s child homage! There’s some “Say My Name”, “Survivor”, and “Soldier” in the visuals. I love it 💙

  4. Debbie L says:

    Fivi got this NY drill scene on lock. This new spin on a classic Destiny’s child record was 🔥. Lashawn Daniel’s- one of the original producers and writers of the original song would be proud 😇🙏🏾- Love Coi’s growth too. She’s so beautiful. Always love me some Queen. Favorite record on the album.

    • Chioma Grace says:

      @DrillGaming Ain’t no way u called that fire track trash it’s better than this Destiny child wannabe song smh, it’s good if u don’t like good music

    • DrillGaming says:

      @Chioma Grace what’s that trash

  5. Diesel Clockwork (DC) says:

    Fivio might have the most consistent hard-hitting verses in the game right now. He always finds a way to murder his bars. Man’s confidence is his strong-suit and he rides the beat flawlessly. These are two things I’m trying to work on developing in my own music. I may just be a small artist now, but I know if I work hard enough I can get to Fivio’s level one day too. Big ups for Fivio! 🔥

  6. sade Charles says:

    why am I crying for queen , so happy to see the amount of confidence and beauty she’s full of of now .watching someone for years since maybe 201415 and the growth is just beautiful happy for you

  7. Mhm9_3💉❤️🐐 says:

    Fivio is that guy. He’s putting on for NY. This is a collab we didn’t
    know we needed. Everytime I hear his music, I can’t help but think of
    Popsmoke. Its that NYC drill style. 🔥🔥🔥

  8. SK ♌︎ says:

    I don’t think people take Queen seriously because of her being a YouTuber and having her toxic relationship with her ex in the spotlight but honestly she killed this ! She doesn’t get enough props. She’s been collaborating with some hot people in the industry right now ! She’s come so far !

  9. Ellisa World says:

    Love it! They all looked good.. hate we don’t hype Queen enough because she’s way toooo underrated… start hyping real talent and maybe these award shows won’t be so terrible

    • Mia B says:

      @Bb they paying you to be they YouTube goon

    • Bb says:

      @Milani Giselle it was mad ni99as on set..if you check out her last two music videos you’ll see the difference..she still looks good

    • Bb says:

      @Mia B y is always Clarence was mad ni99as on set how about u get on stage and do something or sing a note..queen and Clarence really have y’all that pressed that you have to come under music videos to be mad

  10. Erica Marie says:

    Fivio foreign did an amazing job! He is really talented and this song is fire 🔥 I think he did great justice to this timeless classic 👏 Queen naija and Coi voice sound beautiful on this track as well ❤ They all complemented each other very well 💯 This is definitely a hit 🙌

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