Food Safety: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Food Safety: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the groups in charge of keeping our food safe – from the FDA, to the USDA, to, most crucially, the Association for Dressings and Sauces.

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41 Responses

  1. aslandus says:

    Honestly, it’s kind of astounding how many government problems boil down to Congress refusing to pay for the things they say they want done…

    • WoefulMinion says:

      It’s kind of nauseating how many government problems are due to Congress being paid by companies and trade groups to refuse to pay for regulations.

    • Remy Lebeau says:

      We can’t afford anything that we are doing. I know it’s hard for leftists to understand, but when you are in massive debt, the last thing you should be trying to do is spend even more money.

    • Nicholas E says:

      ​@Remy Lebeauthen can we cut military spending, close down a bunch of nuclear missile silos, reduce the number of military bases, raise taxes on the rich, and close tax loopholes?

      Because we can’t just cut social programs. Besides, a unified food regulator could be partially funded through fines.

  2. Tee ing says:

    The real problem is that both Republicans and Corporate Democrats have defunded regulatory agencies because they receive billions from these companies.

  3. SilentRuth10 says:

    For my food science minor, we had food safety and food law courses where we had to memorize all those “FDA vs USDA” exceptions. That was a wild test! 😂

  4. Spaceman X says:

    As a person who’s worked in a grocery store for 8+ years, a lot of the safety is put on us low wage hourly workers. The amount of produce I throw away is astounding, and the lack of care customers take when sneezing and coughing RIGHT ON THE FOOD, kids walking up and touching every apple right after they touched the ground.


    • Brad Hansen says:

      When I buy loose apples or other fruit I now inspect its entire surface. Twice I’ve found child sized bites taken out of fruit. The parent either is not watching their kid, or not paying attention & just takes the fruit from the kid & puts it back in the bin. And I only take bagged grapes & cherries from the back of the highest shelf, where grubby hands of children can’t reach.

    • Elaine Alibrandi says:

      @Brad Hansen Ugh! I’ve never thought about the kids’ grubby hands issue. But I’m taking it to heart and to the store. Thanks.

    • Katie Kane says:

      ​@Brad HansenI choose cherries and grapes from several different bags at the back.

    • Devin Rivera says:


  5. Laura Fernandes Figueira says:

    I went to the USA only once, to California. Ate out 5 times and got food poisoning at the 5th. I was very shocked to learn from local coworkers that that’s normal and that very little could be done. In Brazil, where I live, if you get food poisoning you call the regulatory office and the next day the restaurant is closed. All restaurants are obligated to keep samples of every food served for a period of time and in such cases, they’re obligated to present that sample to analyzes and, if the bacteria that infected you is found, the restaurant can be shut down entirely besides all civil responsibility before the infected person. Mc Donald’s kitchens in Brazil are the cleanest you’ll ever see, because of that approach and we’re talking about a 3rd world country here. Anyway, my point is, if there was heavy regulation, the restaurants (especially big chain ones) would adjust.

  6. Megan Jones says:

    The restaurant I work in pays a company to come check us randomly multiple times a month, and we consider it a pretty big deal if we miss even a single thing. When we got inspected by the state, the guy was SO complimentary. I’m shocked and disappointed he doesn’t see kitchens like ours everywhere.

  7. Jason's Storm says:

    The FDA also needs to inflict heavy fines for poor food safety practices

  8. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    I think one of the problems is that we only punish companies and not the people running them. Stop just slapping companies with fines and put board members responsible behind bars instead.

  9. cloudsmakemehappy says:

    We do not need to split food safety off into a new agency. We just need to put ALL food safety regulation & enforcement under the purview of the USDA.

  10. Buck Rodgers says:

    Here’s an idea… Give all food safety oversight to the USDA, and actually make it the ‘Federal Drug Administration’. I mean the FDA already don’t know shit about food, and the USDA clearly does; So it’s an easy fix. But it’s far too complicated to the politicians to think of.

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